Things That Annoy Me

Hey, guys. Since I just know you all have had a lack of things to read (and I’m trying desperately to stop studying for a test) I have compiled this random list of things that annoy me. It’s taken a few days to do it, but I figured I’d cut it off before it started getting really long. And it’s been a while since my last rant.

Things that annoy me-

Water chestnuts- seriously, what’s the point of these things’ existence beside to surprise you with an awkward crunch in an innocent looking casserole.

Slow drivers- to quote one of my favorite actors, Jensen Ackles; I like to get from point A to point B with efficiency. And I have a decent drive to and from school every day, so if you can’t drive get off the roads!

Other writers’ blogs with their happy status updates. Must be nice to have time to write and post word counts that actually go up.

Editing- should actually be called soul sucking.

Those people who feel the need to call themselves basic white girls. Seriously, I can’t even. Or maybe it’s just the fascination with Starbucks and the Northface jackets when it’s 70 degrees outside. It’s not that cold, people! Also, I’m about all pumpkin-spiced out.

People who think wearing glasses makes them look cool and/or smart. I’ve had glasses since I was 2 years old. I disprove that theory. Also, Clark Kent wore glasses and he thought his underwear went outside his pants. So….

When you get a haircut and loose microscopic hairs fall out and lodge in your collar and proceed to drive you crazy with itching.

When it’s coolish outside but awkwardly cold inside and you bundle up like an Eskimo and still can’t get warm. Sweatpants- you have failed this city.

When the shower pouf thingee decides to spontaneously unravel , usually while you’re trying to use it.

When you wake up in the morning like “I’m gonna wear my glasses ALL day long!” and then 2 pm rolls around and your glasses feel really heavy and your face gets tired of holding them up. Contacts, it is! (Someone please tell me you’ve experienced this too. I know I’m probably crazy but I don’t want to be actually insane.)

When some people classify a large amount of studying (usually at a library) as “nerdy”. I’m sorry, since when did wanting to pass a test in order to obtain a degree become nerdy?

Also studying. All day erry day.

See why I decided to cut this off? I thought about just putting “life” but thought I should break it down a little. If you’ve shared any of these experiences with me, please let me know. Or just start your own list. Oh, and one more thing to add to the list- Tests on Mondays. Have a good day, folks.

6 thoughts on “Things That Annoy Me

  1. Your comment about Clark Kent especially cracked me up. And I can definitely relate to the microscopic hair clippings.

    Oddly, nowadays, people who obsess over television shows and movie franchises that contain the slightest inkling of science (fiction) now feel justified to call themselves nerds and flaunt the term.

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