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The awesome Deborah @ The Road of A Writer (who I got to meet last month!!!!!) tagged me for the snippet tag! The rules are as follows

-Include the fancy-shmancy graphic I included somewhere in your post. (Or make your own, just so long as you include a link back to my blog.)
-Answer all the questions, however you want to. Creative interpretation is key here! You can use the book you’re currently working on to answer the questions, or other books you’ve started or have written.
-Tag 2-5 other bloggers.

I do have several WIPs, but I’ve been working on The Wolf Prince recently, so I figured I’d use it. I’m probably only ~20-25K in (I’m writing it in a notebook and I’m not about to word count for the exact number). It’s book 2 in the Faeries of Myrnius series and I love it. 🙂

1. Share your most gripping, fascinating, and hooking first line of a story.

Prince Killian had always known he was cursed. He could hear the wolves howling and knew they were calling to him.

2. Share a snippet that literally just crushes your heart into a million feelsy little pieces.

This time it was Lars who lagged behind. Seeing Killian as a wolf over the past four days had only made his guilt and shame worse. He’d let the talk of the curse affect him more than he’d admit. Some days it was easier to leave Killian behind than face the whispers that dogged him. And Lars had purposefully drank too much at Killian’s birthday feast so he wouldn’t be woken by the howling wolves that night, and as a result, hadn’t woken to go ride with Killian. He hadn’t been there to protect him from the sorcerer.

3. Share a snippet that makes you want to shout to the world that you’re SO. HAPPY.

He waited until Lars dropped back a pace to see what he growled at before swiping at his head with a heavy paw.

“Killian!” Lars exclaimed in exasperation as he dodged away from a second swipe. “How old are you?”

“I could ask the same!”

“What do you want?”

You to stop making this the worst adventure ever. Instead he turned his nose and pointedly looked at Rose trailing behind.

“What do you want me to do. She seems perfectly fine back there.”

“So help me, Lars!” Killian growled with another jab.

“She doesn’t like me and I don’t care for her either, so why bother?”

“Because I have to put up with both of you!”

“I’m not going to walk around with a girl who wants to play Ranger dress up,” Lars hissed.

Oh, so when we did it as children it was fine? Just tell her she can walk with us.”

“I don’t know what you’re saying, but it’s not happening.”

We’ll see about that.”

As a human, Killian was adept at manipulating his brother, and that was before he had an irrisistable canine charm. He dropped his ears and let his head droop a little, somehow still managing to look up at Lars from his perch.

“Killian, don’t you dare!”

A low whine escaped.

“That is not fair!”

Killian dropped his head to rest atop his paws.

“Fine! But I’ll get my revenge when you’re least expecting it!” Lars jabbed a threatening finger at his nose. Killian would have rolled his eyes if he could.

4. Share a snippet that gives a bit of insight into one of your most favorite characters ever.

“Where’d you get him?” Adam joined them. “He’s a wolf isn’t he?”

“Not full.” Defensiveness crept into Lars’ voice. “He’s been following me around since he was a pup.” That was true.

“Have to admit, most were a bit wary of him at first.”

“Most are,’ Lars agreed. “He’d never hurt anyone.”

“I suppose we should be grateful he took an exception to those Baedons.”

Lars laughed and nudged Killian. “Scared me to death though. Don’t know what I’d do without him.”

A rumbling growl came from Killian and Lars knew his brother was rolling his eyes.

5. Share a snippet that literally melts you into a puddle of adorable, squishy, OTP mush.

Ok, so I don’t have an OTP in this book. I thought it would be fun to write about a girl and two guys going on a adventure together and becoming friends instead of dumb love triangles or dumb romance between the crown prince and the commoner. Spoilers for my  book. 😛 So here’s a snippet about the brothers being awesome brothers.

Killian didn’t need to see his pale face to sense his fear. Lars wouldn’t last much longer alone. This is what they had always wanted, wasn’t it? To battle monsters together? He took a trembling step forward although his pounding heart told him to go in any other direction. Lars tumbled with a cry and Killian’s fear was banished in an instant. His brother needed help. He couldn’t let Lars get hurt. He looked to Rose.

“I’m fine. Go!”

6. Share a snippet that gets you beaming with pride and you’re just like yep, I wrote that beauty.

“Two princes would never be allowed to go off on their own. At least until one of them gets turned into a wolf and the other in his infinite wisdom goes off to hunt revenge only to begin a quest with his wolf brother.”

7. Share a snippet of genius, deliciously witty dialogue between your characters.

“So, Miss Ranger, where are we?”

“Is the Prince lost?”

“I’m not lost, I’m just not exactly sure where I am.”

8. Share a snippet that makes you feel like an evil genius for thinking up such a malevolent villain (Mwa-ha-ha!)

The Baedons were too fast and savage to make capture even a possibility. Even if he could get hold of a Wivern, transport would be problematic. They were bigger even than Myrnian Griffins and could spit poison. Trolls were also out of the question for the obvious reasons. Noak grumbled under his breath. Why couldn’t magical animals come in more rabbit sized shapes?

Couldn’t help but do this part. 😛

9. Share a snippet that leaves you breathless, in a cold sweat with action-induced intensity.

This is actually basically a continuation of #5.

Lars’ eyes widened in horror when he saw. “Killian, no!”

Killian ignored him, fangs bared in a savage snarl. He launched into the air, sinking teeth into the Baedon’s thigh. The bitter oil of its scales filled his mouth but he hung on in grim determination, dimly hearing Lars’ war cry as he also attacked. Killian released its leg and attacked again, darting between its legs, snapping and growling. Lars used his distraction to thrust at its chest. The Baedon batted the spear away and lunged towards him with a high pitched wail only to have Killian latch onto its arm. He saw the other paw swing towards him and he could do nothing but wait to be torn apart. But it never came. Only a wild cry from Lars and a crunch as his spear embedded itself into the Baedon’s scaled chest.

10. Share a snippet of a most interesting first meeting between your characters.

Wherein Lars and Rose meet. 

But at the water’s edge he saw a girl instead of a wolf as he expected. She whirled to face him.

“Who are you?” she asked. She had an arrow drawn on him before he could answer. They faced each other across their weapons.

“Who are you?” he returned. He wasn’t about to let some ridiculous looking girl impede his search.

“I’m Rose,” she stated.

“Well, Rose, these tracks are fresh,” he nudged the sandy bank with his toe. “Have you seen a wolf since you’ve been here?”

“One just crossed the river. Why?”

“Why do you think?” he sneered. “I’m going to rid the earth of it and all its kind!” he lowered his crossbow and splashed across the river without a backward glance.

And done! If you got this far, thanks for reading. 🙂 So like three of these came from the same part, but whatevs. I do what I want. 😛 Also, like I said, I’m not terribly far into it, so all the feelsy stuff has yet to be written. 😉

Tagging – Lauren @ The Writing Road | Tricia Mingerink,  | E.E. Rawls, | Kendra @ Knitted by God’s Plan | Anyone who wants to do this!

What do you think? Any snippet that you liked? Characters? Want to hear more about this story?

10 thoughts on “Snippet Tag – The Wolf Prince

  1. Eep, you did the tag! 😀 *devours*


    The concept is super intriguing and I love Prince Killian (and his name) and it’s a brother story and I love iiiit!

    The third one, where Killian does adorable-puppy-face to manipulate his brother — that was. the. best. XDDDDD LOVE IT! My fave. 😀

    “Why couldn’t magical animals come in more rabbit sized shapes?” –This too. XD

    Exciting and awesome and I love the banter and basically I’M REALLY INTRIGUED! This was so much fun to read! I can’t wait for you to finish it so I can read this thing. >:D

    Merry Christmas! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • 🙂 I even did it really soon after I got tagged, which basically never happens. 😛
      Yay! Glad you liked it! 🙂 I love the name Killian (one of our dogs is actually names Killian, but I had the character named before we got the dog, so…)
      Brother stories are the bessst! 🙂 I’m hoping to finish it up pretty soon. Especially since I kinda said I’d publish it some time next year… 😛


  2. O_O THAT sounds like my piece of cake. Princes + Brothers + Epic quest + ONE OF THEM IS TURNED INTO A *WOLF* = Epic story I want to read someday please. Seriously, princes and brothers and wolves are like my favorite things. This sounds awesome.

    Loved the snippets! 🙂 So intriguing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Thanks!! I also love princes, brothers, and wolves, which might have inspired this story…*cough*
      🙂 I’m hoping to finish it pretty soon and have plans to publish it sometime next year. It’s the follow up to Adela’s Curse which I published earlier this year.


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