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So last week, I posted a spotlight of Hazel West’s newest book in her Urban Fantasy series, The Modern Tales of NaFianna. And today, I got to do something different and interview one of the characters!

Aeden MacCool is one of the main players in Scars of War, and he’s been one of my favorite characters through the series. Mostly just because of the great, and sometimes heartbreaking, relationship he has with his brother Ciran MacCool (who’s headlined the last two books). So, I’m pretty excited to have him over.

To shake things up a bit, I’ve invited Aedan over to the lakehouse that rests on the shores of the sprawling blue lake on the northern edge of the green fields of the mind. I’m already there with a pitcher of iced tea and some chocolate chip cookies when a tall, red head approaches. He’s wearing a leather breastplate, trousers and heavy boots, and a broadsword hangs at his hip. He takes a seat and I try not to laugh gleefully and ask a ton of spoilery questions. 

Claire: Hi, Aedan. Thanks for being willing to join me for a few questions. I promised Hazel I’d keep it civilized and spoiler free. 

Aedan: *flashes a smile* Well, that’s probably best. I’ll try not to give any spoilery answers.

C: Good. We won’t get in trouble then. Ok, first question! You are a descendent of the legendary Finn MacCool. Do you have a favorite legend about your ancestor?

A: I was always fond of the story about how Fionn Mac Cool “acquired” horses from the royal British family while in England. That seems like the kind of thing my brother and his company would end up doing. And it was never proven that it was Arthur Pendragon, but I think we all know the truth of that one.

C: Hehe! I can totally see Ciran and Co. doing that. What is the hardest, and conversely easiest, part of being Commander of the NaFianna/do you like bossing your little brother around :P?

A: Haha, well, there is something nice about being essentially told to boss your younger brother around when he can’t really say anything about it. But I also think there is a difficulty in being responsible for so many warriors, especially since most of them are men I’ve trained with and grew up beside. But I think that’s also what makes the job easier in ways too. You know you have these guys at your back when you need then, and whether we’re blood brothers or not, it is a brotherhood and we all have a common purpose.

C: That gives a higher level of reassurance to your job then, I’d think. So what’s harder? Being the NaFianna Commander or the oldest sibling?

A: Ha, that’s a tough one. In our family it’s kind of one and the same. The eldest son of the Mac Cool line typically ends up being the commander for a while at least, so there’s always the expectation of leadership. Sometimes, that’s a struggle. Being an example to your men isn’t much different than being an example to your younger siblings, so I’d say they are probably equally hard

C: *tries not to sniff because of sibling comment and other books* *passes out cookies* You have a day off. What do you do?

A: A day off? I forgot what that is! Probably relax as much as possible, maybe go horseback riding or play a game of rugby with my brothers.

C: I figured you’d say that about a day off. You need to talk with Hazel. Before Book 1, what was your greatest fear? 

A: Well, growing up in an Ireland at war, a lot of us kind of got used to fear as a whole, because it was always there. I think my greatest fear hasn’t really changed at all though, and that’s simply losing the people I love. I’d go through anything to prevent that from happening.

C: *Doesn’t look at his scars* *more cookies* How do you feel about being one of this book’s main characters?

A: Well, I think it was just the luck of the draw that I ended up in the focal point of this story, but I don’t mind it. There are worse things that could happen, I suppose.

C: Yeah, probably. It was nice to see a bit more of you in action in this book. And speaking of this books and resulting roadtrips, I find Oberon to be hilarious. But on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst), how annoying is he in person?

A: Well, if he were to hear this, then I would, of course, be obliged to say 10. But because he’s not here, I’ll have to admit that, while I found him slightly irritating at first, getting to know him, and the layers beneath the sarcasm and devil-may-care attitude, he’s actually a good man, and I am glad to call him an ally—but don’t tell him I said that…

C: My lips are sealed! 😉 And because I know you grew up with Eamon and Killian, here’s two quick questions about them. How often do you help Eamon shirk his kingly duties? How easy is it to stress Killian out?

A: Haha, well, first of all, Killian is very easy to stress out when there are too many things going on. He’s not too bad when he has time to breathe, but he needs to learn how to do so in hectic circumstances. And I think we all try to get Eamon to take a break once in a while. The yearly hurly matches between the Guard and Na Fianna is a good time to do that. Sometimes We’ll go see Swords and Shamrocks live if we get the chance. But we try to get him out of the Hall once in a while.

C: Haha! tell Killian good luck once the castle starts filling up with toddlers (read the synopsis for explanation). 😛 Last question! Life or death situation – who do you want by your side?

A: Ciran, first and foremost. I know I can always trust him to watch my back. Eamon is a close second.

C: Ciran is a great brother. *makes note to try and force the over MacCool brother over for an interview next time* Well, that’s it for me! Thanks for coming out, Aedan!

A: Thanks for having me for the interview, but I need to get back to Tara now and make sure everything is still going properly.

C: Haha! Knowing Keevan, something drastic will have probably happened by now. *sends Aedan on his way with extra cookies*

Well that was fun! Aedan is awesome, as well as his brother Ciran, so definitely check out the books if you haven’t already to find out more about them! *slides this info towards you*

Check out the rest of the series!

Blood Ties – Book 1

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An Earthly King – Book 2

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About the Book

After the events on Samhain Eve things have calmed down for High King Eamon and his Fianna. The Unseelie Court is under new rule, and Eamon is happily married—and with an heir on the way! But just when it seems like things couldn’t be better, reports of changelings keep coming into BPAFF (Bureau of Protection Against Fair Folk). With the risk of children being changed out in their cribs, especially when a royal heir is weeks from being born, Eamon enlists the help of Aeden Mac Cool, Commander of Na Fianna, and Cassandra Whalen, Director of BPAFF, to deal with the threat before it escalates. Riots, Faerie rebels, and road trips with the King of the Unseelie—it’s just a typical day, right?

Smashwords | Amazon Kindle | Paperback

About the Author

Hazel West lives in Purgatory, er, Florida, with her books and her hedgehog Horatio. When she’s not writing, she’s reading other people’s books, studying folklore, or binge-watching something on Netflix—drinking coffee is also a given.

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Giveaway + Links

Check out Hazel’s blog for the giveaway link as well as all the stops on the tour!

And don’t miss out on the chance to ask some of the characters your questions! Even if you don’t know Eamon and Killian, still ask questions because you’re guaranteed some hilarious answers!


So what did you think of the interview? Do you like Urban Fantasy? Favorite Irish Legend? Let’s talk!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I LOVED THIS SO MUUUUCH! It was so fun and makes me happy. And Aeden definitely deserves cookies!! 🙂 🙂 Excellent interview; thanks SO MUCH to both of you (three of you because Hazel?) for sharing!! ^_^ *goes back up to read it again*

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