10 Signs I’m For Sure A Grown Up

And other assorted ramblings

  1. I used the phrase “for sure” in the post title

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2. The other day I watched LOTR and DIDN’T skip the Frodo and Sam scenes to get back to the actiony bits. (AKA anything with Eomer and Aragorn).

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3. I went three weeks without eating pizza (worse three weeks of my life)

4. Sometimes I buy bananas so they can go brown so I can make muffins

5. I buy chocolate chips with every intention of making cookies, but just eat the entire bag before I get a chance

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6. I DIDN’T buy a sword at comic con a few months ago, because you know, responsible money spending or whatever. So I bought Toothless prints instead

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7. Realizing that high-schoolers literally look like they’re twelve, so there’s that…

8. Also, going to an MLB game and realizing that 90% of the players are my age or younger…

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9. Being tired all the time. Oh wait…

10. Refusing to buy new shoes because I haven’t worn holes through the soles yet


And in other news, I’m just procrastinating on life and things. Here’s a random post to make up for “forgetting” to post last week. *awkward laugh*

What things make you feel old? Or do you think this whole adulting thing is overrated and wish you could go back to regularly scheduled naps?

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22 thoughts on “10 Signs I’m For Sure A Grown Up

  1. Bahaha! I hear you on most of these…although I have to say that number five proves you aren’t too incredibly old just yet. 😉 😉

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  2. Haha! I’m 15, but I’ve got five younger siblings and sometimes it makes me feel like I’m already a mother… XD. I go to my little brother’s baseball games and end up talking to the valley Veterinary about new medicines, X-rays, colic, Tetanus, horse training techniques and all the funny people on Youtube who think they know everything about horses instead of my friends…
    And then I go on the internet and practice my fandom life, swapping anime theories and wishing I lived near a comic con(BTW, being a teen, I would have totally bought the sword. XD)…
    And then I get back to my school life and realize I’m going to have to pay for college in only two years and somehow make it through and DVM in Vet Science without dying.
    Yay me.

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    • lol! If the good quality swords weren’t in the $200-400 range, I would have, but it’s a little out of my price range at the moment. 😦

      Hehe! I’m the middle of 8 kids and still have 4 young siblings who I babysat ALOT growing up, so I feel you there on the feeling like a mom thing sometimes. 😛

      You can do it!! High school was fun, but I loved college and then going on to graduate school. It was a lot of work and the grad school loans aren’t fun to pay off, but if it’s something you’re passionate about, then totally worth it. 🙂 My sister did her degree in animal science and is trying to decide whether she wants to apply for vet school again!

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      • Ah… that is expensive. Even I’m not THAT frivolous. XD
        And besides, I already have a dagger…
        Ya, I babysit a ton. My dad works full time and my mom part time, and then once June comes I’ll be working full time as a lifeguard to help pay for college and horse bills and such, so then my little sister gets to babysit! Yay!
        High school is terrible. Well… not TERRIBLE, but I’m basically teaching myself because my mom’s always busy teaching the younger kids, so I’m constantly trying to keep up and get A’s…. it’s chaotic. College will only be more so, but at least I won’t have to teach myself. Besides, I can’t wait to move out and be able to binge watch all my favorite TV shows without my parents telling me to go to bed. (Yes, I know. But I have to finish them! XD)
        Not to mention Vet school takes like…. 8 years(?) so I’ll be stuck in school getting a DVM forever. And somehow paying for it. And somehow riding my horses and writing my many books. And sketching anime until I’m so good I can write my own Manga. (If you don’t know that is, it’s basically a Japanese-style comic book. And it’s pronounced Maan-ga, not Man-guh.)
        So, ya. Fun. 😉

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        • Ooh, daggers!!

          College will be more structured though probably, since you’ll have a class schedule and due dates. I like the structure of it compared to being independent with homsechooling and determining my own schedule (granted I stayed fairly organized in highschool, but I preferred the college structure).

          Haha! And yes, I’ve been watching so much TV recently since I don’t have anyone around in the evenings to make me feel guilty (besides myself and all the fictional characters I’m ignoring :P).

          Aaand, I’ve been pronoucing Manga wrong apparently. lol! But in my defense I’ve heard it both ways.

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          • Yes, structured school will be nice. I’m by no means a genius, but I’m a A student and I have a feeling that if I actually have a schedule and deadlines I can get A LOT more out of school… so in a way, I can’t wait for college, but I’m also dreading it because I live in Montana, and we don’t really have a school that offers a full DVM. So I have to transfer to Oregon or California or something like that in the middle of my education… *sighs*
            Oh well.
            And yes…. I’m literally going to watch all the anime(which is…. a lot.) on my TBW list, and some more…. and then Doctor Who, and Harry Potter, and Fantastic Beasts, and The Hunger Games, and Merlin, and Blue Collar, and Leverage, and…. (Basically, all the wonderful shows I was deprived of as child because we don’t have TV.)
            And then I’m going to somehow turn my novel into a manga. And maybe someday into anime, if I’m really, really lucky. 😉 (Hey, every manga artist wants their stuff to be anime. I can dream.)
            Ha…. the only reason you’ve heard it both ways is because most Americans don’t pronounce it right. But as long as you never, ever say that you “watched a manga” to a bunch of anime freaks, you’ll be fine. XD

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  3. This made me laugh, especially noticing how young teenagers look LOL 😛 Like, I always felt disconnected from teenagers even when I was one, but now they just annoy me more, I feel so old. Especially when my little brother the other day goes (about something technological) “and this was back in the 90s!” -_- But I think you are being a very responsible adult lol XD

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    • “Back in the 90’s” *dies cause that wasn’t that long ago right?* 😛 I’m still thinking we’re in the early 2000’s some days, so there’s also that….
      And YES! Even college kids are looking like such youths these days. Excuse me while I go cry. 😛


  4. As a teenager I had a spinster friend in her eighties, that asked me one day. ” Do you know what it means when new you wake up and all your joints ache?” I answered that I ‘t. She replied “It means you are awake!” These days I understand her far better. Truly realizing that aging does not stop at adulthood , and that time is limited and precious is the gift of maturity. Oddly realizing that time has value makes a person more patient rather than hurried. It is a peculiar paradox that when I believed that I had all the time in the world I rushed about and was often rude, and now I pause more to listen and observe.

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  5. HA so I’m not the only one who used to skip the Frodo and Sam scenes, lol

    Just the other day, I started saying “when I was your age” and that made me feel so old…

    But I have a horse that’s older than me, so I like to think I’m still young. XD

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    • LOL! It was just an unspoken pact growing up that whoever had the remotes would skip whenever those scenes came up. Course I can still quote them almost flawlessly so I watched them enough times at some point. 😛

      Lol! I love saying that mock-seriously to my younger siblings whenever they complain about something.

      Ah!! That’s awesome you have a horse! One day I will get back into riding and hopefully own a horse or six. 😉


  6. Definitely relate to realizing how young teenagers are and then, oh my, that means I’m old! Also, shaking my head at the silly things they do, and say, and don’t do… Sigh. I’m far too mature sometimes. :/

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  7. 4, 6, and 7 are SO REAL. 9 is just…a reality that I’ve been all too familiar with for a long time 😛 Also I say ‘for sure’ in speech all the time. Apparently it’s a Canadian thing, I don’t know, but I know it makes me sound like nerdiest adult ever.


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