Crossroads to Adventure!

This is the place where any stories I share on my blog will gather for easy reading. Take a rest on your journey and maybe you’ll find something on this page that interests you. Here at the Crossroads we have fantasy, sci-fi, and plenty of adventure. Take your pick and enjoy the journey! For looks at any works in progress, visit the WIPs page for synopses and excerpts! You can also find short stories for my published books HERE.

Frankie and Fyrn*

1) The Cosmic Cheese Head     2) The Art of Distraction     3) Some Slight Turbulence     

4) Much Needed Repairs     5) Frankie Makes A Deal     6) Frankie Regrets His Deal     

7) Frankie Closes the Deal     8) Brawl Between Friends     9) The Spaceship-Eating Swamp

10) Swamp Tea

Clancy and Tanya*

1) Knockout Dessert     2) Stolen Evidence      3) The Horde of Hallowell Forest

4) Dinner With the Horde

*Note- These stories started as #BlogBattle entries (in which I’m not participating much these days 😦 ). I’ve become very fond of these characters and so they might get their own books someday. But they might escape from their imagination room lock down before then and get a short story posted on the blog before they get caught again. Be on the lookout for escaped characters.

14 thoughts on “Crossroads to Adventure!

  1. Darn you anyway… after reading Dinner with the Horde… now I ‘must’ start from the beginning to know it all.
    Time is so limiting… How do I stop Time?!

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