Time To Be Real.

Howdy! It's been a quick few weeks. I don't want to say "rough", more just tiring. Work has been really busy. I'm gradually getting into the swing of things there. I've halfway started to work out again. I finally got The Rise of Aredor books relaunched. I finished a novella. I got my edits back for The … Continue reading Time To Be Real.


I Finished A Book!

Howdy! Tuesday evening saw something amazing happen. I finished a book. That's right. I actually finished a draft of a WIP. For the first time in about 3 years, people! (To be fair, I did write a novella back in 2015 for a contest, but it's still been that long since I've finished anything.) I … Continue reading I Finished A Book!

Want to Write Great Fiction? Stop Using the “Logical” Side of Your Brain

I have the exact same outlook on this subject.

A Writer's Path


by Lauren Sapala

Every morning when I open my inbox a landslide of emails from the online writing community pour out. Blog posts, newsletters, classes and programs and retreats. And then I jump on social media and the wave continues: Advice and instructions on character development, plotting your plot, finessing the end and then going back to that first page and polishing your opening hook until it sparkles and shines and catches the eye of every agent with an email address.

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Guys! Check out this awesome cover from Steph Gregory!


oath-of-god-cover-reveal-2016 Coming Soon!!

As promised, here is the cover for my new novel: Oath of God.

I’ve still got a few tweeks to finish up, but this is basically how the cover will be.

Below is a re-work of the blurb, just as a little added extra!!

What is murder anyway, except a job?

At least Valdis tells himself killing for a living means nothing…

He knows only too well the cost of selling one’s soul to the highest bidder.

Now his skill and sword are no longer his to command.

And his mistress obeys the will of a god.

Ataran has been slighted.

He is Immortal and yet fears the hand of death.

All that stands in his way is a girl and a dragon.


Kama was forced to watch as Immortals burned her world.

They made one mistake.

She survived.

Across the vast Emptiness lives the last spelled…

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The Phoenix’s Death

I’ve mention The Scriptorium here once or twice, but we’re now back up and running with a new website and a new round of Flash Fiction centered around the word Phoenix! Check out my entry and the corresponding post about what inspired the story!
Also check out the other cool entries by my fellow Scriptoriumites! 🙂

The Scriptorium Anthologies

By Claire Banschbach

The griffin hovered in the air, turning lazily on the currents as its rider peered down at the advancing infantry. Only a few miles away from the citadel now. He tugged on the reins and the griffin wheeled around, racing above the road that twisted through the mountains to the last free city of the Elvarin.

The griffin alighted on the wide turret, and he slid from the saddle, sending it back to roost with a quick signal. He didn’t bother untacking the animal. They’d be seeing battle before the day was done. He made his report to the grim faced officers.

“Have you seen anything else?” one asked. They didn’t mean with his mortal eyes. He shook his head. The spirit that resided inside had not shown him any glimpses of the future yet. He hadn’t had a vision for days, something that worried them all…

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Interview with Claire Banschbach

Fellow #BlogBattler, Cathleen Townsend invited me over for an interview today! Go check it out! 🙂
Thanks, Cathleen!

Cathleen Townsend

Claire BanshbachToday’s guest is the fabulous Claire Banschbach. She was born and raised in Midland, TX, the fourth of eight children. She was homeschooled through high school and is now a proud member of the Texas A&M University class of 2014. She is currently working on her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Texas Tech University Health Science Center. She continues to write in her spare time (and often when she doesn’t have spare time). She hopes her strong foundation in God will help to guide her writing.

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I’m a fantasy author, too. 🙂 How did you decide on your genre?

book coverGrowing up on stories such as LOTR, Narnia, and Redwall certainly influenced my love of fantasy. It’s still my favorite genre to read. My first big story idea was fantasy and I’ve just really run with it. I think it’s so much fun…

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“Gift” #BlogBattle Winner Interview: Claire Banschbach

Rachael graciously had me over for a short interview today! 🙂

Rachael Ritchey

Discount2This is a very late interview with our Week 42 “Gift” #BlogBattle Winner. But I suppose I subscribe to the old adage, “better late than never!” Claire’s story, The Strange Gift, was a wonderfully fantastical story about a girl who learned to love books in the most magical way. If you haven’t read it yet you should pop on over and enjoy it.

So, here with me is author & full-time student Claire Banschbach, ready to be interrogated . . . errr . . . I mean interviewed. Thanks for coming, Claire! We’re pleased as punch you could stop by.

I just have to know,

1) If you had to give up writing in order to pursue your career after graduation would you have to stop and think about it, or would it be a no-brainer? Why or why not?

I’d have to stop and think about it for…

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Love is gone from fiction

Yes. Just yes.

You Write Fiction

Love has been a core element of fiction since…well, since forever, I guess. It drives and unites characters, it pushes plot forward, it distinguishes good from evil, and it’s an integral part of what makes a story real to us.

Romantic love certainly isn’t the only manifestation of this force, but it is a prevalent one. It’s a trend I don’t foresee readers ever getting tired of because it resonates so much with the human heart.

But genuine love is all but gone from today’s fiction menu.

A culture that soaks up visual stimulation like a sponge has replaced selfless, sacrificial, protective love with superficial mind-candy.

Pick up any given book with a romantic element to it (doesn’t even have to be romance genre), and you’re just about guaranteed to find perfect bodies (featured on the cover to make sure the book sells), high-school level personalities (the angsty-yet-so-muscly dude who…

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