Drifter Duology

Modern fantasy western from Uncommon Universes Press, perfect for fans of Mad Max: Fury Road and Into the Badlands!

**PG13 rating for mild language, gang violence, some innuendoes, references to sexual abuse, some drug use and smoking, as well as alcohol consumption**

Then Comes A Drifter

The Drifter Duology, Book 1

From Uncommon Universes Press!

Laramie was born to ride the desert wilds. And she won’t let anything stop her, even a fearsome warlord who wants her captive–or dead.

A genius mechanic–and a rare descendant of the once-magical Itan–Laramie drifts from dusty town to dusty town in search of the family that was taken from her.

But her rambling desert journey becomes a game of survival when Laramie crosses a ruthless warlord’s territory. Taken prisoner by one of the warlord’s biker gangs, she befriends a quiet, dangerous man named Gered. After surviving hellish circumstances Gered is tired of fighting for a better life.

Laramie will always fight. And she’ll stop at nothing to win their freedom.

Enjoy this pulse-pounding motorcycle adventure in a post-apocalyptic western setting with found family and being brave in brutal circumstances.

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Book 2 coming 2023 from Uncommon Universes Press!

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