Drifter Duology

Modern fantasy western from Uncommon Universes Press, perfect for fans of Mad Max: Fury Road and Into the Badlands!

**PG13 rating for mild language, gang violence, some innuendoes, references to sexual abuse, some drug use and smoking, as well as alcohol consumption**

Then Comes A Drifter

The Drifter Duology, Book 1

From Uncommon Universes Press!

Laramie was born to ride the desert wilds. And she won’t let anything stop her, even a fearsome warlord who wants her captive–or dead.

A genius mechanic–and a rare descendant of the once-magical Itan–Laramie drifts from dusty town to dusty town in search of the family that was taken from her.

But her rambling desert journey becomes a game of survival when Laramie crosses a ruthless warlord’s territory. Taken prisoner by one of the warlord’s biker gangs, she befriends a quiet, dangerous man named Gered. After surviving hellish circumstances Gered is tired of fighting for a better life.

Laramie will always fight. And she’ll stop at nothing to win their freedom.

Enjoy this pulse-pounding motorcycle adventure in a post-apocalyptic western setting with found family and being brave in brutal circumstances.

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Book 2 coming February 23, 2023 from Uncommon Universes Press!

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Forced to become a brutal fighter as a child, Gered has finally found freedom with Laramie. And he’ll die before he’s taken again.

After leaving the biker gang, Itan descendant Gered joins Laramie’s Traveler group. Although her adoptive relatives welcome him, he struggles to accept their kindness. Men like him don’t deserve a home. What he’s done should stay buried.

Then Laramie and her Travelers are threatened by Gered’s former master. The warlord Rosche is determined to recapture his prized killer and force him back into the gang. Running seems like the best option.

But Gered has a family now. And he’ll do anything to keep them safe, even if it means becoming a warrior once more.


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