Dinner With the Horde – #BlogBattle

Howdy! I'm finally getting my #BlogBattle post up. You'll have to excuse my lateness. I had a test yesterday and a practical exam this morning that basically decides my fate. (I'm reasonable sure I passed but I'd appreciate some finger crossing šŸ™‚ ). After all that, a nap was in order before I tried to … Continue reading Dinner With the Horde – #BlogBattle

The Horde of Hallowell Forest – #BlogBattle

Howdy! Before we get started on today's #BlogBattle, I have a quick announcement.Ā TheĀ Rise of Aredor is being featured today on Inspired Writers as part of Fantasy Month. Stop by to check out the feature and help me spread the word on Facebook and Twitter! Now please welcome back Clancy and Tanya and the pesky word … Continue reading The Horde of Hallowell Forest – #BlogBattle