Greywolf’s Heart Cover Reveal and Preorders

Hello! It's been a minute since I've posted on the blog, but wanted to come scream my excitement about my newest cover and book launching this summer! The cover was done by Fran Stern/@coverdungeonrabbit and is just as spectacular as I had hoped it would be when initially contracting with her for the cover. Greywolf's … Continue reading Greywolf’s Heart Cover Reveal and Preorders

Writerly Spring Cleaning Tag (And Snippets!)

  Howdy! So last week the lovely Deborah O'Carroll tagged me in an original blog tag! And it came at a pretty good time. I need a post topic and this one is all about goals which I just rearranged recently. 🙂 Rules: 1. Link back to the person who tagged you 2. Share the … Continue reading Writerly Spring Cleaning Tag (And Snippets!)