Three Sleeping Beauties – Group Interview

Howdy! Morgan Huneke, Kendra Ardnek, and Rachel Roden (awesome writer friends of mine) are releasing their Sleeping Beauty novellas together and I'm having them all over for a glorious group interview! All of the books released on August 7. You can click on the book covers to find out more about them, but we've got … Continue reading Three Sleeping Beauties – Group Interview

Children of Two Worlds – 30

Chapter 30 “Everybody ready to go down?” Cassie asked as she cleared the last of the breakfast dishes and dumped them in the sink. “What is this about again?” Josh asked. “Dr. Braxton said they’ve made some big jumps in the research recently and he wants to fill us all in,” Cassie replied. “Great, more … Continue reading Children of Two Worlds – 30