Help! I Still Think It’s 2018

Howdy! in which I make a return to blogging after disappearing for almost a month. *laughs awkwardly* I have been busy, I swear! lol! The holidays happened and I was travelling quite a bit. Then it was New Years, (and now January is over and what is even happening?) Then I went on a vacation … Continue reading Help! I Still Think It’s 2018

Children of Two Worlds – 10.1

Chapter 10, Part 1 “Will this be painful?” Caleb asked the uniformed Army nurse, eyeing the needle hovering above his arm. “Excruciatingly,” the nurse dead-panned. “Aw man.” “You’ll be fine, Caleb.” Cassie rubbed the bandage over her arm, taking a seat in the swiveling chair by the exam table. Dr. Braxton had asked them if … Continue reading Children of Two Worlds – 10.1