Writing – Explained by Batman

In which I make a return to blogging and my favorite kind of post. In the hot seat today is Batman. And post will include Christian Bale's Batman (my fav), and a special guest appearance by Lego Batman, because, let's be honest, it's Lego Batman. Here we go! * * Trying to avoid researching something... … Continue reading Writing – Explained by Batman

Write What You Know

Howdy! The other day I read a blog post about writing misconceptions. One of the top ones was "write what you know". The author of the blog called out whoever originally said that, and I totally agreed. I mean if you're to take it literally, you should have had more ridiculous adventures than Indiana Jones. … Continue reading Write What You Know

Thrillers & Lovable Assassins

Howdy! Today I'm so excited to bring another interview to the blog. Last year while researching publishing companies, I stumbled across a new small press publisher, Crosshair Press. I flipped through the website and stumbled across some short stories for one of their books,¬†Kenan¬†The Katiller Book 1,¬†featuring a pyromaniac assassin of the same name. Naturally … Continue reading Thrillers & Lovable Assassins