Children of Two Worlds – 27.1

Chapter 27, Part 1 Cassie was about ninety percent sure the swinging glass door would have to be replaced after Caleb and Abby blew through it to greet them. Caleb grabbed Mariah in a bear hug. She held it for a few seconds before wriggling free to avoid being smothered. Abby shoved Caleb aside and … Continue reading Children of Two Worlds – 27.1

Looking for Bloggers! (You Get Free Books!)

Howdy! I almost didn't make a post today, but I do have an announcement to make! Quite a few fellow Christian Indie Authors and I are banding together to run a Black Friday sale on our books! You can help promote this sale on your blogs or social media and by signing up you get … Continue reading Looking for Bloggers! (You Get Free Books!)