Character Stories | Liam – Part 7

Howdy! I can't believe I almost forgot about this post. *blushes* I can blame it on day two of summer school and trying to write down all of the assignments blowing my way for the next seven weeks, right? And speaking of summer school, the weekly character stories will be put on hold for a … Continue reading Character Stories | Liam – Part 7

Character Stories | Liam – Part 6

Howdy! Today is Part 6 of Wednesday Character Stories! Only one more Wednesday left for Liam's story. When we left off last week, Liam had been rescued by a mysterious warrior. We get to find out who this mysterious person is this week! Enjoy! ~~~ Liam wrapped a new bandage around the wound. “That should … Continue reading Character Stories | Liam – Part 6

Character Stories | Liam – Part 4 #wednesdaycharacterstories

Howdy! It's Wednesday so that means Character Story time! This week we're picking up right after the Calorin commander executed the other officers of Lynwood Keep and sent Liam to the dungeons. And I promised some excitement this week. So without further ado, part 4! (I backtracked a little. To see what happened last week … Continue reading Character Stories | Liam – Part 4 #wednesdaycharacterstories