The End of all Things?


Today I graduate from one of the best schools in the nation- Texas A&M University. It’s bittersweet. I’ll miss many things about my school: my friends, football, and yes, even academics. But I’m also ready to make a step forward. I’ve been accepted to the Texas Tech Physical Therapy school where I’ll start in a matter of weeks. My ultimate goal is to some day work with the military as a civilian physical therapist. But that’s several years down the road. Now, I’m lucky. I know what I’m doing after graduation. But what about many of my fellow graduates who might not have a job lined up or no clear plan for the future? I’ll put myself in their shoes for the moment. Over the years a number of career possibilities have presented themselves favorably. It is now time to consider them again.

1) Unicorn hunter- some years ago, I told my young, impressionable sister that I would find a unicorn and tame it for her. This is still a legitimate possibility.

2) Jockey- I think I passed the height limit when I was eight years old. (Ok, maybe eleven!)

3) Marine- I was told recently that I would make a good Marine. I don’t know yet if I’m quite cut out for the military. Or maybe my friend was thinking of other Marines with much lower standards.

4) I was voted “Most Likely to be a Silent Assassin” in one of my freshman level classes. I have a certificate to prove it. This is a viable option.

5) In playing a late night game of “Settlers of Catan” the other day (side note- there may have been alcohol involved) my good friend remarked during our wheelin’ and dealin’ that I would be a “just tyrant”. Failing all of the above options, I’ll set up my own corner of the earth and proceed to trade in natural resources. Justly of course.

6) 3) Writer?- pssh!


Just want to say congratulations and good luck to anyone who’s graduating in the near future, be it from college or high school. It’s a major accomplishment. Don’t give up on your dreams. Unless you’re Flynn Rider and give up your dream of wealth and fame to marry Rapunzel.

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