Week 1


I know all of you have been anxiously awaiting my next post, so here it is.

I began Physical Therapy school at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center last Tuesday. The progression of the week is as follows.

Tuesday-Forever long all day orientation

Wednesday- First day of class or “What have I gotten myself into”.

Thursday- “What is happening?”

Friday-More orientation specific to the PT program. Also forever long. Study.

Saturday-Free time? HA!

Sunday-taking a break from studying to write this stimulating post.

Now, I am extremely blessed to have been accepted into this program. It’s highly competitive and someone thought I’d able to be successful in this program. I aim to prove them right. For the next eight weeks I will be studying gross anatomy (not eww-gross, but whole body anatomy), functional anatomy, and a professional development class. Please contain your jealousy. And yes, I do love anatomy or I wouldn’t be here.

I’ve spent a large portion of my free time in the cadaver lab working to dissect and identify. Even though it may not sound like it to the non-science inclined, cadaver lab is another blessing. We’re able to get an up close and personal look at the structures of the body. All the rest of my free time has been spent at my desk studying and studying and…guess what? studying. OK, maybe that’s not all true. I do take some time to watch a little Psych every now and then. Study breaks are good for you, right? I’m also eating my weight in peanut butter and trail mix. #CollegeLife, right?

I expect the next eight weeks to run similar to the schedule up above. Therefore, if I get around to blogging in the next few weeks it will be to update and rant about school. Expect a mildly depressed post in about two weeks after my first gross anatomy test. So, unfortunately, any and all aspects of my life before PT school is now put on hold. That means writing. Right now I have a notebook staring forlornly and slightly accusingly at me. It’s whispering “You could be frolicking in space with a smuggler and her apprentice” but then the crushing weight of anatomy textbooks and notes brings me back to the present. This will probably be the pattern for the next three years-furiously write and do book signings and promotions for The Rise of Aredor in between semesters, oh, and sleep.

So, if you care to peek into the life of a student author, please contain your anxiety for the next post. My goal is to post every Sunday. Feel free to call me out if I don’t. You can most likely expect some ranting, some weeping and minor meltdowns, or horrendously cheerful positivity. If you’re looking for stimulating writer talk, sorry to disappoint. Check back in three years or so.

Please leave a comment! I try and reply to all of them. Just keep it clean and relevant to the post. Stay shiny!

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