A Different Kind of Courage Blog Tour- Author Interview

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to connect with fellow Texan and home school graduate Sarah Holman. She’s promoting her new historical fiction book A Different Kind of Courage. As part of her blog tour I’ve asked her a few questions. Read all the way to the end. There’s a chance to enter a giveaway for the book!

But first here’s a synopsis of her Revolutionary War adventure.

“Why did my life have to be full of secrets?”
After three years in England, William Landor returns to Boston in 1774, little knowing the events that are about to unfold. England has issued an ultimatum: pay for the tea that was destroyed in the Boston Tea Party, or the Port of Boston will be closed. William knows that this will have a devastating effect on his hometown, which is so dependent on the sea. However, he finds himself in the middle of the political struggle he wanted to avoid. William’s father is a merchant and loyal to the king and is furious at what the rebels of Boston have cost him. He would like nothing more than to rid the city of their poisonous influence. Meanwhile, William’s best friend, Dr. Joseph Warren, is one of the leaders of rebels, or Whigs as they call themselves. As if his life was not complicated enough, he meets a fiery indentured servant who tugs at his heart as well as his loyalty. When he is confronted by the consequences of his many secrets, he has to make a choice whether or not to tell the truth. Does he have the kind of courage it will take?

Howdy, Sarah! Give us one interesting fact about yourself.
Howdy, Claire! One interesting fact? Hummm… I am only 5’4 making me the shortest in the family. This also means I get teased a lot about my siblings. If there is a short joke out there that I haven’t heard, I would be amazed.

What inspired A Different Kind of Courage?
Two conversations actually. The first was one our family had after watching several of movies and TV shows about people with secret identities. We talked about the real consequences of such a life style that most of the movies and such didn’t show. The second conversation was one my mom and I had about people who try to live up to their parents expectations for them, instead of God’s.

This book involves some real historical figures. Can you give us a brief background on who Dr. Joseph Warren is?
It would be my pleasure. Dr. Joseph Warren lived in Boston, and was the leader of the movement that became the American Revolution. He served on many committees, including the prestigious Boston Committee of Correspondence, and was a leader of the Sons of Liberty. He was one of the masterminds behind the Boston Tea Party, as well as the man who sent Paul Revere out on the famous Midnight Ride.

This book is historical fiction. What other genres do you like to write?
I have published a sci-fi trilogy, and a book that is set in the Middle Ages, but in a fictional European country. I also have a book I am working on that is a contemporary suspense. As you can tell, I like to dabble in a lot of genres.

Who might enjoy reading “A Different Kind of Courage”?
I think that A Different Kind of Courage will be most enjoyed by anyone between the ages of 15 and 115 who likes history, clean fiction, and flawed yet lovable characters.

What is your favorite time period?
Until a little over a year ago, I would have said the Middle Ages, but the early American Revolution has captured my imagination after doing all the research that was necessary for this book.

What is your favorite aspect about writing?
I love it when I get the feeling that I am just watching the story unfold along with my readers; the unexpected twists and turns that come as a surprise to even me. I also love creating stories like the ones I always wanted to read as a kid.

Just for fun, describe yourself in one word.
Loyal? Being limited to one word is hard on a writer.

Thanks so much for answering my questions! Best of luck with your book. I’m looking forward to reading it!
Thank you so much, Claire!

Stay tuned. A review will be coming soon!

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