Single’s Awareness Day

Or if you’re in a relationship, you know today as Valentine’s Day.

Usually I’m ready with a “tru wuv” quip or quick with a “vomit!” and fake gagging when romantic stuff is brought up. Especially on days like this. I’m actually not bitter or anything. I couldn’t handle a relationship right now and I don’t know of any guy right off the bat that could handle my “quirky spaciness” as my dad put it the other day (but I’m secretly a hopeless romantic at heart). Back to “tru wuv”. Today, everyone’s ready with their super sappy post and pics of romantic meals shared together but I just think about my parents. They celebrated their 29th anniversary last month and are still going strong. Today my dad gave all us girls still living at home a box of chocolates each and we all got our own card. The family had a wonderful meal together and the subject got brought up by the younger kids about how Mom and Dad met. The story was retold and it was asked when they knew. Mom said she knew he was the one after the first kiss which brought about a chorus of groans and outcries of “gross!” “vomit!” “did not need that visual!” from the 11, 15, 16, 19, and 22 year old.

But I’m glad she knew. It means they were together to give me a wonderful example of what marriage, love, and family is supposed to be. It’s more than one day a year with a special dinner. It’s the good days and the bad days and the needy kids. But it’s also the three hours at the dinner table talking and laughing or staying up till all hours of the night when the whole family is in. It’s support and patience. It’s sacrifice and faith. So even if you’re not in a relationship, just take a minute to appreciate your family and loved ones. Remember the namesake of today. St. Valentine- a man who was martyred for his faith and who’s feast somehow got turned into a huge holiday of chocolate and roses.

So there you go. My sappy post. You’ll only get one of these once every year, so don’t worry. Also, if you’re single, don’t worry. Be cool like me and celebrate your freedom. I’ll probably watch a movie tonight with my sisters. Or you know, I could study for that test on Monday morning. Or finish off my box of chocolates. No judging.

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