Character Stories | Liam – Part 3

Howdy! We are chugging right along with this aren’t we? Let’s see, last week, Lieutenant Liam found himself in a bit of a pickle. I’m afraid he hasn’t quite found himself out of said pickle yet.

Bran was right, Liam saw. The man’s face was arrogant, his hair perfectly combed and his armor was spotless. He hadn’t fought at all during the battle, being more than content to throw his men at the walls until they all died or the Keep fell. He made Liam sick.

“I see you are smart,” he said to Liam in a clipped accent. “But I also see that you think you are brave. I have another word for men like you. Stupid or dead.”

“Technically, that’s two words,” Liam couldn’t help but point out. His response got him a blow to the face and smothered laughs from his men. That angered the Calorin even more and his men began to pound Liam mercilessly with their spears. They stopped when he fell awkwardly to his knees. The Calorin crouched in front of him.

“They don’t laugh now,” he said. “And they won’t when they see what will become of you.” He fingered Liam’s cross belt with the silver buckle. “You are one of their officers. No wonder they watch you. They respect you. You people are so loyal. What are you to them? A captain, maybe?”

“Second….Lieutenant…Liam…of Lynwood Keep,” he gritted around a mouth full of blood. His words echoed across the courtyard, silent now as everyone watched them. The men of the garrison straightened imperceptibly as he defiantly stated his rank. The Calorin said some words to his men and Liam was hauled upright and pulled in front of the prisoners. Two others were brought to stand with him. Captain Marcus and Third Lieutenant Ianto who could barely stand. Liam saw the blood dripping from a wound in his leg and a cut to his abdomen.

“Hold on, Ianto, maybe they’ll let me treat you in a few minutes,” Liam told him.

“Doubtful, Lio. I don’t think our dear fresh faced overlord is going to let you do anything,” Ianto grimaced in pain.

“It was well intentioned, Liam, but stupid,” Captain Marcus said. “But it’s moments like those that I’m reminded why I made you lieutenant.”

“Really? I thought it was because you owed me a really big favor,” Liam said.  He was punched in the ribs again and his captors growled at him in Calorin.

“Listen all of you!” the “overlord” announced to his prisoners. “Lord Balkor ordered that any prisoners shall be kept alive to serve us, your new masters. But, I’m afraid that your commanders must be removed.”

Bran saw immediately what he meant and sprang to his feet with a shout, hurling a curse at the Calorins. He would not be silenced even as they beat him down.

“However, it was requested that one be sent to another location, to remind others what might happen if they decide to challenge us. For this honor, I have chosen Second Lieutenant Liam. As for these others, let this be an example for all of you,” the Calorin said, drawing his sword.

Liam shouted and tried to fight free, struggling to stop the Calorin as his bright blade became stained with blood. Liam stared in disbelief at the still bodies of Marcus and Ianto. He hurled his hatred at the Calorin, his strangled shouts echoing in the hushed courtyard. He even hated himself as a tear freed itself from his eye.

“As for you-you will be taken to the coastal town. There you will be beaten and then executed with your weapons and this belt hanging above you so that everyone will know who you are. You will be seen as a failure and hated by the people because you failed to stop us from destroying their homes. Then see how far your bravery will get you,” the Calorin snarled.

Liam was dragged away in front of the garrison, still silent in shock over the last few minutes. The Calorins left him in one of the cells beneath Lynwood Keep. There Liam waited in misery for the dawn.


You got a little longer post today. Hopefully that’s appreciated. *glares around* Just kidding. I’ve looked ahead and next week promises to be exciting! *chuckles gleefully because I know what happens*

12 thoughts on “Character Stories | Liam – Part 3

  1. Rub it in— that’s right! Tell us all about how you know what happens next! Shame on you. You sure haven’t been very nice to Liam. I think he’s the one who is going to get you especially since you just killed two of his friends. I don’t think he’s very happy right now so you’d better look out. Oops! I guess I shouldn’t warn you. Great post! I can’t wait to hear what happens next! You like killing the good guys, don’t you? At least you’ve done a good job of making everyone hate this particular Calorin. Why don’t you slaughter him in the next post? Oh, I remember— you only kill good guys and leave the bad ones. Come on, PLEASE, get rid of him? Good job! Keep it up!

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  2. good post :). You have the guts to kill the good guys as well as the bad which is the way it really is. Most people dont kill the guys they like.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are your super-fans,….Your books are SOOO AWESOME, AMAZING, EXCITING, INTERESTING, BREATHTAKING, INSPIRING, AND LOVABLE!!!! You’re such an amazing writer! Your books rank amongst my top three favorite reads!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much!! This made my long day of tests and studying for finals so much brighter!!
      No pressure with these high expectations. lol! 😀 But seriously. Thank you!


  4. Poor Liam! :_( You’re killing all the good guys off *whines* Okay okay, I know not everybody makes it in real life, *sigh* 😉
    But “I know what happens neeext~?” you gloater! Lol, you’re gleefully happy that we have to suffer and wait a solid week to find out! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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