Beta Readers! Anyone…? Anyone…?


Funnily enough I haven’t even seen the movie that I just referenced. But that’s not important. I am currently looking for Beta readers for my faery novella that I’m looking to publish this late summer/early fall. I have currently dubbed it Adela’s Curse: A Faery’s Tale. Below is a synopsis, some excerpts, and a sign up form should you be interested. I’m only looking for a few people, but the more the merrier!

A witch and her master capture a young faery and command her to kill their enemy. Adela has no choice but to obey. If she does not they will force the location of her people’s mountain home from her and then kill her. To make matters even worse, the man she is to kill is a man struggling to save his dying land and forget his broken heart. Adela enlists the help of Damian, another faery, to try and delay the inevitable. He insists she has a choice. But with the witch controlling her every move, does she?

(I’ll be working on a better synopsis)


Adela fled as fast as she could. She could hardly see where she was going through the tears. She was not paying attention and so was caught off balance by a sudden gust of wind. She tumbled to the ground, landing in a meadow in the forest.

Shakily she sat up. She couldn’t stop the helpless tears that burst from her. The terrible weight of what had happened had finally fallen upon her. She could feel the bond linking her to Marek. She tried to tear the bracelet away, but it refused to budge.

She barely felt Maksym nuzzling her hand through her misery. She couldn’t do it. But she had to. No one could help her. She was alone.

“Adela!” a voice broke through. She looked up to see the last person she expected. Damian ran to her side.

“Are you all right?” he asked. She raised a tear stained face.

“No.” Her voice trembled as she struggled to stop the tears.

“What happened?” he asked, concern written on his features.

“I…I can’t tell you,” she said


“If you are going to Chelm, then allow us to accompany you there,” he said.

“I couldn’t intrude on you like that, my lord,” she said, praying he would ride on.

“Nonsense,” the Count said. “Cyryl, take her up behind you,” he ordered his grizzled old captain.

Cyryl reached down and pulled Adela up behind him.

“You’d best hold on, miss,” he said gruffly.

The farmer and his son bowed again as the troop rode off.

“It was her, father, I know it!” the boy exclaimed. “She did something!”

“Maybe, lad,” his father said. “But maybe she didn’t. She’d have to be a faery. And faeries don’t lie.”


“I can’t tell you anything,” Damian said seriously. Lidia and Rafael both paused.

“Is she in trouble? What happened?” Lidia asked.

“She asked me not to tell anyone,” Damian said.

“Why you? I’m her friend,” Lidia pouted slightly. Damian smiled.

“Maybe because she wanted to keep it a secret, and between both of you, I don’t see that happening,” he said. They both opened their mouth to protest but Damian vanished from their sight.

“I can keep a secret!” Lidia shouted after him. They both walked dismally back to the mountain.

“We could always go find her ourselves,” Rafael suggested.

“No, if she wanted to know, she would have told us,” Lidia said mournfully. “I guess we’ll have to trust her and Damian.”

“But you still are going to try to find out?” Rafael asked.

“Of course! Who do you think I am?” Lidia said.


I hope I picked interesting snippets. Sign up below if you’re interested. I’m looking to get some constructive feedback on it. It’s currently being edited right now, but I’ll get it out within a few days of sign-ups.

Sign-ups closed. 

7 thoughts on “Beta Readers! Anyone…? Anyone…?

  1. Ah, I wish I could beta-read it! But I feel like I already have so many commitments already, so I’m afraid to sign up for anything else! O.O

    Anyway, blessings on your story and this beta-reading process!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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