Today’s the Day!


Today is a very exciting day for me! Today The Wildcat of Braeton officially releases!!!!!

Let me just say that I’m actually a terrible author because I forgot until basically Sunday (yes, 2 days ago) that it released today. And then I figured that I needed to do something about it. So here a gigantic celebratory post!!!

WoB Cover


His term of service to Lord Rishdah now complete, Aiden returns to his home in Braeton. As he travels, he hears rumors that trouble plagues Braeton. Clan Canich is being attacked from within. He arrives, determined to save his father, his brothers, and his clan from the treachery of one man.

A year has passed since the Calorins were driven from Aredor, and Corin is struggling to rebuild his country. Despite the peace, a fear haunts him that the Calorins aren’t far away. The Hawk Flight takes to the forest again to defend the borders against a possible attack from the neighboring country of Durna and its Calorin ally.

As Aiden and Corin struggle to adapt to their new lives, they know one thing for certain: war is coming to the North!


Buy it!

Tate Publishing


Barnes & Noble 

I’m pretty excited! This is the second book in my first series. It’s action/adventure/light fantasy and recommended for 12+, though I know a bunch of 10 year olds who have read at least the first one and loved it!

I’m truly blessed to have a second book published and I hope that there will be many more to come! I know I certainly can’t keep up with all the ideas that keep coming in!

Did you miss the promotional tour a few months ago? You can find the links for all the stops here!

Want to help me out on this awesome day? Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or a small blurb on your blog would be awesome! Don’t think it sounds like quite your cup of tea? Recommend it to a friend!

I hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday! For those of you that follow my #BlogBattle entries, fear not. Clancy and Tanya will return on Thursday!

19 thoughts on “Today’s the Day!

  1. Great! Hope it was a wonderful day for you and that you sell several trillion copies! I can only imagine how exciting this must be for you! Does that mean you won’t be in Midland this weekend? AAAAhhhh! I hope to see you on Saturday or Sunday if you’re going to be there.

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