The Girl With Two Faces

No this isn’t a scary story. I was thinking the other day (and we all know how dangerous that is) about how some days I feel like I have two lives. An author life and a PT student life.

I have mentioned it before but I will say it again. I don’t recommend being in graduate school and trying to do author things like publish or write books at the same time. Time, that fickle lord, will often run away laughing his grey-bearded head off at you if you do.

Two faces. Some days all I want to do is sit down and write until my fingers fall off, but as is often the case, I have a million tests to study for. Is it too much to wish for a quiet little cabin somewhere in the mountains with a nice front porch to sit on and write? Other days I dream of being a super awesome PT and helping ALL of the people. What’s difficult is trying to juggle these two amazing careers.

In my role as a PT student, I’m focused on school. I’m also one of those people who don’t like to talk about themselves and consequently draw attention to oneself. (I also have a blog in which I do nothing but talk. Go figure.) I have a few fellow students who watch the same shows as me, so we can discuss and speculate together. Not many have my love of reading and a small percentage have my particular taste in books. There are your standard Harry Potter lovers, but if I was to start talking about LOTR with the same enthusiasm, it might get awkward. πŸ˜› So, I don’t talk about writing or my books because I have no one who shares the same interest.

The opposite is also true. When I’m at events or online, it’s easier to talk about the other side of me. The writer side. The one where I can fangirl about shows or books or writing with other fans and writers. But when it comes to talking science and medicine, there aren’t many in that crowd who would understand. I live and breath this stuff.

So, is it easier to be a writer and a PT student, or a PT student and a writer? It depends on the day. I occasionally feel like I’m cheating on the other life because they are so separate at the moment. Someday hopefully I’ll have the time to be both. Obviously there’s a time and a place for both. I love being able to have a conversation about either subject with someone who has the same passion as I do. It’s so freeing to be able to converse at length about a fantastic subject. I know I’m not the only writer or professional student out there who juggles multiple responsibilities.

So how do you show your faces?

9 thoughts on “The Girl With Two Faces

  1. Funny story I am not sure how many who actually know me know about my blog but I would be surprised if it was only one.
    In the real world I am all things science physiology embryology and the gross anatomy, who put the gross in anatomy anyway??
    But on the interweb I am all things art; poetry, stories and musings.

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    • Nice! I’m the same way. The only way my classmates found out about my books and stuff is because I used to feed my blog to my personal facebook page (now it’s to my author page). And last summer in gross anatomy class a classmate asked about my blog and I told him it was for my books and stuff and he promptly went and told everyone. lol!

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  2. It’s a super hard balance. I remember the first time I took a serious go at writing a novel, I made the mistake of doing so between semesters during my time at grad school. While a fun story, it didn’t last contact with the enemy (read my first report due). Now it’s been five years, and this is when I am able to finish writing something. Heh. It isn’t easy. The 9 to 5 job wants all my attention too. Just let me find that damn cabin too.

    And what face do I show the world? You know that face your dad made sticking an orange peel over his teeth but under his lips? Yeah? That’s the one the world gets from me. It’s too serious to start off with.

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  3. I’m in my masters (year one) and it is very course-heavy. It is so hard to balance studying with writing! (In my case- writing research papers not related to school). Kudos to you for balancing it all.

    My two faces would be a graduate student and a mom. It can be challenging to enjoy family time on weekends, when I know I have piles and piles of homework waiting for me.

    – Kate

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    • I can’t imaging going through grad school with kids! You have my respect! πŸ™‚
      I’m living at home while working on my degree and with three younger sisters still around, it’s difficult some days to try and hang out with them while I have tests galore!

      Good luck with school! Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚


  4. Like you I have no friends offline in my neighborhood or church who are passionate about writing or reading, unless it’s non-fiction (I rarely ever write non-fiction). So online is where I find people I can relate to with my writer/reader/author face. πŸ˜€
    My offline face is quiet and I don’t talk about myself. And my third face is my “artsy” face when I am passionate about drawing and painting. πŸ™‚
    I can’t imagine being a PT student in addition to writing/authoring and promoting your work. Just one of those alone is a full-time job! You have wonderful goals, Claire. You’ll make a fine PT and author combo!

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