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Last month I got tagged by two different people for this tag! The creator herself, Ms. M.K. Aneal and Gabriela over at A Heart Redeemed tapped me for the honor. And as per the customary dance with myself and tags, it has taken me a few weeks to get around to it.


  • Take the banner and paste it to your post.
  • Tell a single, meaningful fact about who you are.
  • Explain this fact as open, and explanatory as you can.
  • Tag at least one other blogger, and give a reason why you think they should do this.
  • Add a Bible verse to close out this tag.
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you.
  • Have fun!

Just A Fact:

I’m a peacemaker. I think this comes from being almost exactly the middle of 8 kids. I come in at number 4. Middle child. Mediator. Despite having a bit of a temper when I was younger (I like to think I’ve learned to control it a bit), I don’t like conflict. Especially not between people I love. So I usually take it upon myself to iron things out. Maybe this is why I’m closest to the most “volatile” in the family. We’re alike in a lot of ways, but I’m usually more calm about things.

I’ve also noticed my parents tend to come to me and ask how siblings are doing if they notice something’s going on. I often have to laugh at that because I also fall under the “completely and totally oblivious” column. And I’m terrible at reading people. Too many facts here. Back to peacemaker.

I joke around a lot. I make fun of myself. Why? Sometimes to diffuse situations or just to lighten the mood in general. I’m pretty easygoing so that makes this role easier. Even friends will come to me with problems.

So even though I consider myself as a peacemaker, this is basically me.

So there’s a fact about me, if that ramble above made any sense. 🙂 Closing out with a Bible verse. I think you know which one is coming. It’s one that I try to keep floating around in the back of my head.

Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

Thanks, Gabriela and M.K. for the tags!

Now, I need to tag some people. (Look at me, actually tagging people. I’m like a grown up blogger or something now.)

Lauren – we used to live in the same town, but it’s been awhile (years) since I saw you in person. Here’s a tag to learn a little bit about the person you’ve grown up to be.

E. Rawls – You’ve become a great blogging friend, so I’d love to see what you’ll share.

Skye – you’re one of my most recent followers, and I’ve enjoyed the comments you’ve shared here. So here’s a chance to learn a little more about you!

And I’m also tagging anyone else who might want to do this! Just link back to this post so I can come stalk you. 😉

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me. What about you? If you were tagged, what would you share?

15 thoughts on “Just A Fact Tag

  1. Ohs!!! I just loved this! 😀
    I wouldn’t have known that about you, but now that you say it, I can so see you being that way! That’s an awesome fact! And, I’m sure so very helpful with such a large family!! 😛
    I am the middle child as well, and I can (sometimes) be that way. Haha, sometimes I will have a temper, but people do come ask me advice, and how other people are doing. Hey, middle children unite! *raises banner*
    I just love that dinosaur picture!! 😀 It’s so hilarious – Hahaha!
    I’m so glad you did this, cause it was pretty terrific!! *handclaps*

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