2 Years Is Not A Long Time


You know what’s exciting? Tomorrow marks the 2 year anniversary of this blog! OMG! This is kind of crazy to me.

It started out simply enough. I had a book coming out. A friend had just started blogging and he suggested I start one to help with promotion. I had little to no idea what blogging was or what it entailed. But I made an account, slapped on a title, and wrote this really cute (and slightly embarrassing) first entry. Seriously, it’s like looking back at high school pictures or the things you posted on Facebook back when you thought you were cool.

And now, 2 years, 200+ followers, over 200+ posts, and 1 name change later, here I am!

It’s been a fun ride so far. In the last year I’ve connected with so many awesome people. If you’d told me 2 years ago when I started this that I’d be at this point, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. I’ve started to recognize the frequent readers (likers and commenters alike) by name. It’s neat to see repeat visitors. πŸ™‚

Since starting this blog, I’ve graduated with one degree and I’m now over halfway done with my second! This also is really hard for me to believe. I feel like I just started PT school, let alone about to start on my last semester of class in May.

Since starting this blog, two more books have been published. The latest book was brought into the world with the rousing support of many fellow bloggers (some of whom were very new acquaintances) with a week long blog tour. (This goes back to the “wouldn’t have believed it 2 years ago).

Since starting this blog, I’ve met some great people who I now consider as friends. And here’s a fun fact – it takes a while for me to assign that label to people because of some things that have happened and shall not be named here. I’ve met some other authors and now have some new favorite books!

That’s enough about me. Let’s make this about YOU! If you’re a frequent visitor of this blog (or even a first timer), leave me a comment TODAY. I might not follow your blog (and honestly I’m terrible at keeping up with the blogs I DO follow), so leave a link to one of YOUR outstanding posts or just tell me something awesome about you! I promise I’ll go check out whatever you put. πŸ™‚

Also don’t forget that through the month of April you can get Book 2 of my YA Fantasy series FREE here on this very blog! Find all the details here.

Comment away! I’ve had fun these last two years (hopefully y’all have too) and I’m looking forward to many more to come!

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