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Shantelle Hannu, an awesome blogger friend of mine, has started a blog series where she features some of her favorite, lesser known authors each week on Monday. And she’s gotten some other bloggers (like me) in on it, so I’ll be linking up with her Hidden Gems posts when she features an author that I’ve read.

This week she featured Christian Fantasy author Nicole Sager, author of the Arcrea series. You can find her post with reviews of Nicole’s books and an interview with the lovely author herself HERE.

I’ll be posting my own review of book 1 of the Arcrea books, The Heart of Arcrea. Make sure you get all the way to the end of the post, because Shantelle is also running a giveaway for one of Nicole’s books!

About the Book

“He who discovers the heart of Arcrea and joins the hands of the seven regions will be king.”

Set during a forgotten age of kings and queens, knights and nobles, wise-men and warlords, The Heart of Arcrea follows the story of Druet the blacksmith, who, hoping to free his father from an unjust imprisonment, sets out on a quest that will solve an ancient riddle and crown a man as Arcrea’s first king. A host of memorable characters join Druet on his mission of justice, but opposition quickly rises to test their level of commitment and their faith in God. Will the dangerous wilds of Arcrea and her seven oppressive lords succeed in bringing an end to Druet’s quest and crush forever the kingdom’s hopes for a just king?

What is this heart of Arcrea and where is it to be found?
“You must discover it for yourself.”

My Review! 

Read Sept. 2014. Rating 4/5 Stars

I got this book as a present for my younger sister mostly because I wanted to read it.
It’s a fun adventure story with a strong Christian theme. The characters were all individual and fun. I especially enjoyed Talon and Bracy and I’d love to see more of Falconer.
The story moved very quickly, which is not a huge complaint of mine. It kept the story moving along.
I’m looking forward to getting the other books in the series and meeting these characters again!
Just in case you wondered- my sister enjoyed it, too. As did our other siblings. 🙂

So there’s my super short and sweet review. lol! I’d add to it but obviously it’s been a bit since I’ve read it. I do really want to finish off the series and then read her companion novels. Check out Shantelle’s post for more info on all Nicole’s books!


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