Hidden Gems Link Up – Tricia Mingerink

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It’s time for another link up with Shantelle Hannu’s Hidden Gems! This week’s guest of honor is a blogging/writing friend and author of some amazing books! I’m happy to help spotlight Tricia Mingerink’s books today! Make sure to visit Shantelle’s original post so you can enter the giveaway!

The Blades of Acktar series is some great Christian Fantasy that I absolutely love and made sure my sisters love too. 😛 I highly recommend the books to anyone and everyone who loves some great action/adventure and stories with strong messages of faith. And awesome reformed assassins.

Click the covers for more info on each book!

Read my Review!


Read my Review!


Read my Review!


If you somehow missed me fangirling about these books on the blog, I’ll give you the short version which is just read these books because they’re awesome. And I can’t wait for the last book!

Have you read The Blades of Acktar series yet?

Also, I realize that I said I’d give background on my pseudo-NaNo project like last week, but I forgot about all the posts I was already scheduled for and I’ve been too lazy to post earlier in the seek. Long story short, if you care at all, I’ll be attempting to give the details on my project next week. Have a wonderful Thursday! 🙂 

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