Staying Patient In A Fast World


I’m back on clinical rotation and I’m learning tons. Not the least of which is patience and how important it is. My clinical setting is a skilled nursing facility where patients have come in from the hospital and aren’t ready to go home yet. I was working with a patient the other day who among her functional limitations also has some memory and cognitive deficits which occasionally makes for a difficult treatment. While I was helping her use the restroom for the second time during our treatment session, she remarked “I like you!” When I asked why, she replied “Because you’re patient with me.”

That really set me back. Sure I seemed patient on the outside and kept a smile on my face, but not so much on the inside. But what mattered was that I worked at her pace and didn’t make her feel rushed and probably most importantly, didn’t let any frustration show.

It’s hard sometimes when working with older adults, or people with cognitive issues, or people in general, to stay patient. I’m young, usually on time constraints for treatment sessions, and typically ready to do everything quickly. You can’t do that with the older woman who moves slow because of arthritis. Or just wants to get some makeup on before she leaves the room. You can’t argue with the hardheaded patients. You have to be patient.

And it doesn’t just apply to patient care (Ha. There’s probably a metaphor or something here) . It goes for everything in life. We live in a society where everything has to be done as fast as possible, and it’s hard to remember sometimes to slow down. Not everyone can or wants to move that fast. Sometimes it’s good to slow down and remember that no one’s perfect. We’re all dealing with something, so be patient, and people will be more likely to be patient with you on your bad days.

What makes you lose patience? How do you stay patient?

9 thoughts on “Staying Patient In A Fast World

  1. Hahaha! Babies who think they should be carried all day long and cry when they get put down. Oh but small children who SCREAM FOR THE FUN OF IT. OVER AND OVER! Oh!!!!!!!!!That makes me lose patience FAST! Babies aren’t to hard. They aren’t TRYING to make you lose patience. The older children are harder though especially when they purposely ignore you when you tell them to stop. How do I keep patient? Hmmmm? I don’t always but the best way is to make that screaming stop even if that includes a time out.


  2. People frequently thank me for my patience.
    Mostly at stores or while waiting in line for something. When my time comes, something usually seems to come up, and I stand there, looking around while letting them do what they have to do.

    I get it; I used to work in service industries (well, a grocery store and fast food restaurants), and know that yelling and complaining don’t get one “serviced” any more quickly. Why waste energy on it?

    Some people just seem so full of themselves, like they think the clerks or other workers are only there to help them. There are other people who might need more immediate help, or things just go haywire sometimes. Getting bent out of shape doesn’t help matters at all.

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  3. Patience is so hard, but I know I really appreciate it when people are patient with me. It shows that they care. Our fast society needs to slow down and remember patience, now and then. Children should be taught patience too, it would help them through life.

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