Black Friday Book Sales!


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Yay! And that means this Friday is a day of massive sales and insanity. So a bunch of my fellow authors and myself have grouped together to participate in the madness with some of the best things on earth – books!

Starting Friday, there will be ton of fun sales going on among the Indie Christian Author community. Check out the website to browse books in all different categories!

All three of mine are listed. The Aredor books are for first editions, but I’ve discounted The Rise of Aredor ebook to only $0.99 from Thursday until Cyber Monday. And Adela’s Curse is currently only $0.99 as well!

There’s a bunch of other great books and deals to find, so go check it out!


(Website won’t go live until Nov 24)

ALSO – giveaways!

There is a specific giveaway for customers to enter for even more books!! Make sure you check it out if you decide to buy something!

There is also a fancy giveaway listed in all these blog posts for the sale (among which is one of mine). CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!


There will be a Facebook party from Nov 24-Nov 30 in which multiple different participating authors will be hosting an hour and spotlighting all their awesome books and things. And more giveaways!! If you’re on Facebook, make sure you go! Also, I’ll be hosting an hour on Nov 30 from 8-9 pm CST! Hope to see you there!


Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! ❤

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