Wanted: Readers For An Epic Story

I mean, I think it’s epic. πŸ˜‰

I meant to get this up earlier this week, but life has been conspiring against me and convincing me to not to do any work for the upcoming launch of The Wolf Prince. *thinks about how much stuff I still have to do and laughs awkwardly and cries forever*

I have an opportunity for YOU!

I’m offering e-copies of The Wolf Prince for review! I’ll cut it off at 20 (and it would be amazing if there were that many so tell your friends).


REVIEW DATE IS SEPTEMBER 18! Yes, that’s quite a few weeks after the release date, but we can all agree I never have my stuff together, so here we are. Also, I won’t come after you for not posting a review. I’ll just send sad Captain America gifs.Β 

And any other place you might be able to post would be completely epic as well (Goodreads, blogs, social media, etc).

I’m not doing an official blog tour for this launch, but if you want to be a complete angel and do something on your blog for my tiny story then email or contact using the contact form tab and lemme know!

Enough talking! Sign up sheet!

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