Interview From The Future!


So the other day, the lovely Sarah Addison Fox and I were chatting, exchanging bookish and life news, and discussing the various merits of the superior candy M&M’s, and decided to interview each other for promo purposes.

We conducted it live and just decided to let you see the hot mess that is our conversations with each other and give you insight into the lives of the cool author cats we are. 😉 Or just how dorky I actually am (in case there was any doubt that I am pretty much just a giant dork. :D)

And we were trying to figure out time difference from Texas to New Zealand, and in my grand genius I thought it was only like an eight hour difference, but then she reminded me that she’s living in the future and there’s a seventeen hour difference. So we have effectively crossed time and space to bring this complete-ish transcript to you.


S: Here’s a question…when was the last time you ate curry?

C: Never..? Wait! I tried it for the first time about two years ago and haven’t eaten it since.

C: You’re stuck with one candy for the rest of your life. What is it?

S: That’s abysmal. You are eating the wrong curry. And peanut m&m’s. Perfect combo of crispy shell, chocolate and protein.

C: Ahh! Yes. Peanut m&ms!!!

S: That was a ridiculously easy question…

C: Haha!

C: Hardest/easiest part about writing?

S: Hardest….describing scenery, easiest writing kiss scenes. Back at you…easiest to hardest.

C: Easiest….writing action scenes lol! Hardest…fighting my way out of writers block after my pantsing self has written the story into a corner.

S: Ooooh! Me too and I didn’t know you were a panster too! *high fives*

C: Chronic panster. Lol!

S: Hardcore panster. *fist bump*

C: Yas!!

C: Who are you in a parallel universe?

S: Hmmmm. Basically Xena warrior princess. Who are you?

C: Xenaaaa!!!! Don’t turn my questions on me. Lol! Ummm….the Doctor’s companion. Prolly a Rose/Martha combo.

S: I’m being lazy. I’m multitasking by drawing a bus for my son and trying to be witty

C: Haha!!

S: I’m also thinking that we should publish this entire convo as a transcript.

C: Lol! I’m down

S: Well now that’s in the transcript….

C: Hehe! No selective edits?

S: Scheme? Ing

S: How do you even spell that?

S: That depends on whether we keep it clean

C: How long would you survive your books plot? (Allegiance series or new series?)

C: True dat. True dat.

S: Two minutes tops. I’d be killed immediately in Stormers and would possibly survive Allegiance if Maggie or one of the monks saved me. Or possibly Ethan. Otherwise definitely two minutes. How long would you last before falling in love with Lars…oh wait that’s just me.  Would you rather be a fairy or evil wizard in Wolf Prince?

S: Haha! Well Lars looks like Steve from Stranger Things, so maybe like 5 whole minutes?  fairy definitely. Though I can’t tell you which kind of fairy because that might spoil things for the next book…

C: So intrigued by Stormers!

S: Yeah. I’m actually still enjoying Stormers. Possibly because I haven’t read it 12 times yet. And I think it’s safe to say we’d both fall in love with Lars then…*mopey sigh*

C: Lol!

S: Is Lars in the next book? She asks hopefully…

C: Sadly no. But I’m trying to pull together a short story that takes place prior to the events of TWP which would feature him in his pre-arc glory

S: Ooooooh.  I do have a non Lars related question from the audience….okay not audience. My daughter…what music do you listen to when you write?

C: A lot of different stuff. I’ve currently got my soundtrack playlist going which features over 400 songs from various epic films and tv shows. Or I’ll play my random playlist which contains anything from rock to Celtic, Christian to pop, and with plenty of indie thrown in.

C: You?

S: Noice. I mostly listen to epic music via Youtube but I switch it up with soundtracks. I’ve been listening to Skillet and Imagine Dragons a bunch as I’m editing Stormers for beta readers….

C: I do enjoy Imagine Dragons.

C: You know you’re leaving an unfinished manuscript behind. What do you do?

S: Behind? Is this a burning building type situ?

C: Like after you die. Pardon the morbidity.

S: Gotcha  I don’t think I can DO much if I’m dead…

S: Or can I?

S: That sounds like I planned to die….

C: Lol!

S: Is now worried because I HAVE an unfinished manuscript…

C:…who would you trust to complete it?

S: Ahhhhhh.

S: Now I understand!

S: I think you, Tricia Mingerink and possibly Serena Chase. Although that would a million times better than anything I could write.

S: Also…my 1.8 kg bag of peanut m&m’s just arrived…just thought I’d share.

C: Solid choices!

C: Ugh!! Why do you live so far away?

S: Yes. I think so. And I probably wouldn’t share them…well possibly if you flew all that way to see me. I might….

S: I have become a connoisseur of peanut m&m’s.

C: The dark chocolate peanut are the best. Possibly only seconded by the mint flavored ones

S: Whaaaaaaaaat?

S: We do NOT have those here.

C: You need to find them.

S: Yes. This must be a priority.

S: Do you want to call it quits on lazy interview?

C: Almost. Most amazing place to visit in NZ?

C: And current Netflix show?

S: Oh wow….that’s really hard. Mainly because I haven’t been to some of the most famous places….I’ll have to think about that! The Netflix one is easy cos we just finished watching all four seasons of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

C: My sister loves that show!

S: Sooooo funny!

C: I’ve watched a bit and should just keep watching l!

S: You totally should. With some m&m’s

C: Always m&ms.

S: We should probably give away m&m’s.

C: I would eat them before anyone had a chance.

S:  I did that! For last launch. I bought loads of things and ate them all…

C: Lol!! Exactly why I haven’t done a food based giveaway.

S: I’m still despairing of your lack of curry eating. Don’t they have butter chicken?


C: Possibly? Idk.

S: Unless they are vegetarian.

S: I can’t imagine a life without curry….

S: Please tell me you eat spicy food?

S: You’re in Texas aren’t you?

C: Of course! But I prefer spicy Mexican food

S: I can deal with that. I love Mexican food too.

C: And Tex-mex is the bomb combination of food.

S: I need to eat more of Mexican and less Indian me thinks…broaden my culinary horizons.

C: I haven’t eaten much Indian at all.

S: This interview is pretty much about food…

C: That sums me up pretty well.

S: Final question before I see what trouble my sprogs have gotten in to…favourite beverage..

C: I drink a lot of water?? Lol! Unsweet tea is always a good go to, or any kind of dark beer.

S: Eeeew! Like stout? I’m afraid we parts ways on beer. Lager all the way for me. But I drink lots of water too.

C: I like it dark and bitter. Like my soul.

S:  Dork.

C: True dat

S: I have no idea whether this interview has gone mental.

S: I kind of like that it has

C: Eh, more than likely

C: Same.

S: Dorks united


Also you basically now know my life since over half this interview is about food, so there is that… 🙂


AND she also just released a book and it’s fabulous and you should go check out the entire series! 

12 thoughts on “Interview From The Future!

  1. HA this was brilliant!!! Now I’m hungry again, and I just ate lunch…I’m so a food-person too, so I feel ya!

    I’ve only read Sarah’s first book, but I do have the rest of the series and plan to read them soon! (Also hope to start on Adela’s Curse sometime…soon….maybe…if life cooperates, lol)

    Liked by 1 person

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