Character Files


Cassandra "Cassie" Adams 
Born: 11.23.52 San Antonio, TX.
Power: Winged flight, night vision, "zoom vision" - can 
selectively focus on objects over 1000 ft away.
Samuel "Sam" Creston
Born: 4.11.52.
Power: Pyrokinesis. Is also a very gifted mechanic.
Mariah Clayborne
Power: Can phase through solid matter. Able to identify 
building layout and materials by being inside.
Abigail "Abby" Parker
Power: Able to run high level statistical analysis and 
probabilities in head.
Joshua "Josh" West
Born: 4.23.50. Saskatchewan, Canada.
Power: Super speed. Body has cooling mechanism that prevents from 
overheating while running.
Caleb West
Born: 10.2.56. Saskatchewan, Canada.
Power: Super strength. Secondary abilities unknown.
Born: 5.20.52. Alabama.
Power: Self-regeneration. Can heal another organism by touching.
Kyle Amelli
Born: 7.13.48. Born on Novum colony. Current whereabouts unknown.
Power: Electrokinesis.
Declan Kelly 
Born: 12.16.49 on return flight to Earth. Former resident 
of Dublin, Ireland. 
Power: Winged flight, night vision, infrared vision

Camp Lawton – U.S. Army Base

Military Personnel 
• Captain Santos
• Sgt. Lattimer
• Sgt. Hill

Medical Personnel 
• Doctor Charles Braxton - lead scientist 
• Doctor Freddie Baumgartner

• Joshua West 
• Luke 
• Samuel Creston
• Cassandra Adams
• Caleb West
• Abigail Parker 
• Declan Kelly

Amelli’s Research Center

Military Personnel 
• Mason - friendly to Kyle and Mariah
• Wallace

Medical Personnel 
• Doctor Angela Sanderson 
• Doctor Richard Amelli

• Kyle Amelli
• Mariah Clayborne

*Information such as birthdays, birth cities, current locations, and secondary abilities will hopefully be updated as series progresses*

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