The Liebster Award – Round 3

Howdy! I've been tagged for the Liebster Award before, but Kellyn of Reveries tagged me the other day forever ago (in June). Even though I've done it before, there's a few new fun questions and random facts to share so here we go! Ok, so I answer the questions, list 11 random facts, and we all … Continue reading The Liebster Award – Round 3

Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Howdy! Today is part 2 of the 3 Day Quote Challenge. I was challenged by another blogger to post my favorite quotes for three consecutive days. You can find Day 1's quotes and the tag rules HERE! Today I've chosen to do movie quotes. I'm sure there's plenty of others that I love, but these … Continue reading Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Why Being A PT Student and Watching Movies Is Hard

If you weren't aware that there would be pitfalls such as this, let me be the first to reassure that besides diagnosing yourself with incurable diseases, watching certain movies has obtained a certain level of difficulty. The other day I was watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit because it was streaming free on Amazon. Anyway there's … Continue reading Why Being A PT Student and Watching Movies Is Hard