Why Being A PT Student and Watching Movies Is Hard

If you weren’t aware that there would be pitfalls such as this, let me be the first to reassure that besides diagnosing yourself with incurable diseases, watching certain movies has obtained a certain level of difficulty.

The other day I was watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit because it was streaming free on Amazon. Anyway there’s a scene at the beginning where Jack is rehabbing in a military facility from a helicopter crash that seriously injured his back. To set the scene- he’s hobbling along with a crutch down an open stretch in between other injured and rehabbing vets. There’s someone vaguely in the background in a white coat. He’s clearly in pain and not doing a very good job of walking.

My thoughts as I’m watching:

Aw, sweet! A military rehab center. My dream job!! Oh, here comes Jack. The back surgery went well obviously. Β Wait a second! Where’s the PT? Where’s the gait belt? This guy is struggling. Oh, look there’s someone back there maybe? Looks kinda like Kiera Knightly. Bet this is where she comes in. If she’s the PT she’s doing a terrible job. She’s like 10 feet behind the guy. He’s contact guard at least. Get up there before, whoops, yep, there he goes. Just faceplanted. That’s going to be a ton of paperwork. Good job. Oh, now she’s NOT going to help him up. I guess it’s kind of sweet that she’s trying to motivate him to get up on his own before getting him a painkiller.

Ok, so if he gets up on his own she gets him medicine. Oh, now she’s just walking away leaving him on the ground. The guy clearly has no idea how to go about getting up. And the cuff on the Lofstrand crutch will get in the way. Yikes, looks like someone should have at least given some verbal cues to help him get up, but nope, she left him alone in the middle of the gym. *Cue to him running independently*. That’s got to be months later. Doesn’t sound like it was very long…

*minor rant* Turns out she’s a med student so she could get him pain meds (PTs can’t prescribe) but if she’s a med student I have no idea why she’s supervising the physical therapy session. There’s a reason PTs go through 3 years of school. And there would be no reason for her to be running the session. Obviously since he faceplanted. I’m not sure what/how much med students learn about PT, but I don’t think they’d be the ones to run a PT session (actually really sure). There’s a reason back injury patients get referred to PT post surgery. *end rant*

Although bonus for Kiera’s character. When he asked her out she had to turn him down since he was still her patient. Code of Ethics and all.

So yeah, you can tell I’m a party while watching movies. πŸ˜› My sisters just laugh at me and roll their eyes when I make little comments like this. πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Why Being A PT Student and Watching Movies Is Hard

  1. Hahaha, it’s so TRUE! My mother taught me the art of shredding movies, for which I’m very grateful, hehe! πŸ˜€ I now tend to view movies as fantasy/fiction and not something that will represent real life no matter how much I might want it to, but I SO feel your pain! Especially you going through med student training now and being very knowledgable on the subject.

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