Blessed Are The Voice-Bearers…

Howdy! I have returned from my new and improved super-sporadic posting schedule to bring you another author interview! (Let's all just be amazed at how well I say that I'm going to get back on schedule and then....don't...) But I actually have a post ready to go for next week as well and it involves … Continue reading Blessed Are The Voice-Bearers…


Nine Steps To A Perfect Plot

Howdy! Hope all you crazy NaNo'ers are doing fantastically! I had originally planned to try and finish up my current WIP in time to start something new for the month and sort of unofficially participate, but as I was frantically writing last week one of my characters decided to stop being super passive and use … Continue reading Nine Steps To A Perfect Plot

3 Years, 2 Editions, 1 Story

Howdy! So technically it's two stories. Sue me. 😛 But today kicks off the re-launch tour I pulled together to celebrate the relaunch of my books The Rise of Aredor and The Wildcat of Braeton! Instead of synopses, I'll just tell you that these are fantasy/adventure stories about family, brotherhoods, a little snark, a touch of romance, and lots … Continue reading 3 Years, 2 Editions, 1 Story