Interview with The Mountain Baron


I’m both excited and a little scared to be sharing this post with you today. In honor of Blood of the Seer, Book 2 in the Dragon Keep Chronicles releasing this week, I have decided to attempt to interview Rhys/The Baron! I asked for questions from readers, and…it should be interesting. 

My preferred place to interview characters is a lakeside cabin, complete with rocking chairs, hot drinks, and lots of cookies. For snacks, not bribery of course. 

The Baron stalks his way up the steps, followed by a rather large black hound. Mastiff and part timberwolf. The Baron treats me to his famous deadpan face and drops into a chair, and Ajax, the mastiff, settles beside him. 

I stuff another cookie in my mouth. This is gonna be fine. 

CMB: How’s it going?

The Baron: It’s going fine. Just trying to decide how I still feel about my story being out and about. 

CMB: Come on, still? Book 1’s been out for awhile. And you get gorgeous book covers! 

TB: Ah, yes. That makes it better. *eyebrow twitches*

CMB: Oh, come on. You know Rorie and Natan would make them into giant posters and hang them in the Dragon Keep’s hall. 

TB: *takes a cookie and smothers a smirk because he knows I’m right.* Let’s just get this over with. 

CMB: Yes, you’ve got brooding to get back to. 


CMB: MOVING ON! @little_bookish_woman asks: Are you Batman? I’ve been told you’re Batman.

TB: Who is Batman? 

CMB: Errmmmm….broody guy, flair for the dramatic, though he tends to punch bad guys instead of….stab them…

TB: Hm. I can see the appeal…

CMB: *trying to smother a smirk* @paper_trail_adventures asks: What are your thoughts on being considered as a Scottish Batman?

TB: *tossed his hand* Is this some kind of joke?

CMB: I have no idea what you’re talking about. None….I totally didn’t tell someone that Alan was basically an exhausted Alfred, and Sean could be Alsaya’s Detective Gordon. Nope. 

TB: *slowly takes another cookie and probably plots how to murder me*

CMB: Becky Gaines asks: Favorite weapons?

TB: Finally someone with sense. My two handed broadsword. *pats weapon in question leaning up against his chair*. Though I can’t stress how important having several good knives around is. 

CMB: *under my breath* shocking. 

TB: What?

CMB: So true. Kaitlyn Carter asks: Would you grow a beard? I kinda always pictured you with some scruff. 😉

TB: I’m beginning to question the validity of this “interview”. 

CMB: Just answer the question! 

TB: Fine. No. Not a full beard. Having a scar across my face makes it difficult. *looks pointedly at me and I mildly choke on a cookie*

CMB: But you don’t look bad with some scruff. He does occasionally. Oh, it’s not like I gave up your darkest secret. 

TB: No, you just wrote a book about me. 

CMB: Touché. @jojobooklover has several questions. First she asks: Is there a girl he has a special interest in?

TB: No. 

CMB: Greatest fear?

TB: Being stuck in an interview like this for the rest of my life. 

CMB: What are his feelings towards his father? Does he hate him for casting him away?

TB: First of all, it was not my father who cast me out. That was all Laird Brogan who turned on me and made me outcast. My father followed Clan law after that and I will not fault him for obeying the laws and not speaking of me. 

CMB: Favorite food?

TB: *visibly relaxes* My mother’s spiced apple cake. 

CMB: Best childhood memory?

TB: I don’t know that I have a specific one. But Alan, Sean, and I got into plenty of mischief growing up. 

CMB: @yeetarandomrider asks: Do you have a favorite joke?

TB: Rorie has some good ones, but they are definitely not appropriate for here. 

CMB: *snaps finger at him* Correct, sir. Andy Sheehan asks: Rhys, brother man, what product do you use? I’ve been looking for something that gives my hair body, but still holds together during a sword fight or long flight on horseback. Budget is $$.

TB: *glares in exasperation* What is this? 

CMB: *cackles with laughter* 

TB: Irritation at stupid questions is what holds it together. 

CMB: Ooh, say something dramatic like the blood of your enemies, or secrets, or something. 

TB: I am not saying that. 

CMB: Come on, admit it. It’s hilarious. 

TB: I am not admitting anything. 

CMB: Madi Ann asks: What are some words of wisdom you’d give to those going through a difficult time?

TB: You’re not ever truly alone. There is always someone, maybe in an unexpected place, who will be there when you need. And don’t give up. It might seem like a hopeless road, but you will make it, even if you’re pulling yourself bloody and beaten to the end. And sometimes, when it feels like you’ve lost everything, you’ve been put on the path to discover the next place you need to be. 

CMB: *coughs and wipes away a proud tear*

TB: I’m not getting you a tissue. 

CMB: Aaaand we’re back. 🙂 That’s it for today. 

TB: About dialan time. 

CMB: Oh go grump at Bryn. 

TB: At least he doesn’t have inane questions. 

CMB: You are so lucky I didn’t poll the Cairns for questions. 

TB: *abruptly stands up*

CMB: That’s what I thought. Tell Sean I’m expecting him next week. 

TB: *signs something at me.*

CMB: Okay rude. I’m revoking Milo’s signing privileges.

TB: That’s not how that works. 

CMB: I’m the author! *I yell after him as he disappears back into the woods, Ajax in tow.*

Well….that went about as well as expected. Tune back in next Thursday when I interview the more cooperative MacDuffy brother. 😉 

In the meantime, join the Baron on his entire adventure in the Dragon Keep Chronicles. He’s just as grumpy as this interview promises, but I love him anyway. 

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Stay courageous, friend! 


19 thoughts on “Interview with The Mountain Baron

  1. Oh my word! This interview was life! I totally chuckled out loud. I haven’t read the first book yet because *motions to giant TBR LIST * but hopefully will get to it next month. At least, that is the plan. ‘Cause this character already has my heart and I need more.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OH MY GRACIOUS. This was one of the best character interviews I have EVER read. I mean, all those Batman references. XDDD And Andy’s question about the hair and the Baron’s response. *DIES*

    This made my Thursday 1000x brighter! Thank you BOTH for sharing (even if the Baron was a, ahem, less than willing participant).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha!! Thank you!! I had too much fun with it. 😀 And all the Batman references!

      omg, I died when Andy submitted that question, like, the Baron’s response was immediate.





    First off I wanted to say, that interview was hilarious🤣 thanks so much for putting it together.

    Secondly, just wanted to make sure on this. I bought Blood of the Seer the day it released-did I read it right in your blog post that if I send you my receipt I can get the preorder swag? Or would it had to have been an actual preorder?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for your books😁 -Zoe B.

    Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! Glad you enjoyed the post! I had a ton of fun putting it together. 😉

      And yes, you did read that correctly! I extended the date for readers to grab swag packs until 2/16, so head over to the form, fill it out and submit the receipt, and I’ll get your swag in the mail!



  4. *wipes away tear after reading the answer about hard times* So poetic for the dear Baron.
    He’s so hilariously cranky! If he hates interviews so much, I’d love to know his reaction when told about fangirls! Bet he wouldn’t be pleased.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The dry humor is strong with this post.

    “I’m beginning to question the validity of this “interview”. ” *chortles*

    He is so grumpy about this whole thing. *hands him more cookies*

    This is the next thing on my TBR. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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