My Utterly Fascinating Writing Rituals

Howdy! Some time ago the awesome Kyle Robert Shultz tagged me in the Writing Rituals tag. And since I've been terrible uninspired of late, I figured I'd finally get around to doing this one and maybe make myself interested in the writing process/my troublesome WIPs again. So here goes. And fair warning, I'm probably the … Continue reading My Utterly Fascinating Writing Rituals

The MacDuffy – Inspirations & Things

Howdy! When I did my NaNo post a few weeks ago, I'd said I'd be doing an inspirations post, which I'm finally getting around to. And when better I suppose than Day 1 of NaNo! I'm not actually legitly participating as I have no idea what my word count will be. I'm kind of just … Continue reading The MacDuffy – Inspirations & Things