My Utterly Fascinating Writing Rituals


Some time ago the awesome Kyle Robert Shultz tagged me in the Writing Rituals tag. And since I’ve been terrible uninspired of late, I figured I’d finally get around to doing this one and maybe make myself interested in the writing process/my troublesome WIPs again. So here goes. And fair warning, I’m probably the most interesting writer on the planet.

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When do you write? (time of day, day of week)

I’m better at writing in the evening, and now have the bad habit of staying up late to write instead of going to bed and consequently skipping the gym in the morning. And I pretty much consistently wrote every day last month, and then my brain left on vacation and hasn’t come back, so I’m still trying to get back into the groove of writing mostly every day.

How do you seclude yourself from the outside world?

Easily. I’m an introvert. lol! But seriously, usually it involves headphones and/or pretending to be super tired. 😉

How do you review what you wrote the previous day?

Usually quickly. Or you know, marveling at my witty prose and wishing I might actually get some words on the page today.

What song is your go-to when you’re feeling uninspired?

Probably Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell. It’s appropriately inspiring for any situation.

What do you always do (i.e. listen to music, read, watch youtube, etc.) when you find yourself struggling with writer’s block?

Typically listen to music. Or plug in some of my favorite epic movies and get more random ideas/plot bunnies from them, which is also not helpful.

What tools do you use when you’re writing?

These days it’s mostly laptop, but I do enjoy going back to pen and paper when I’m stuck or have the urge to write a full length novel by hand and then hate myself when I have to type it up.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without during a writing session?

Healthy doses of snark and angst. lol! Probably music.

How do you fuel yourself during your writing session?

On the tears of my readers. Or on whatever snacky stuff I happen to have laying around. Most of which is not good for me whatsoever.

How do you know when you’re done writing?

Are we ever, though? I mean, when my brain dies or I can’t keep my eyes open, then I’ll call it a night, but otherwise, the words are always there. 🙂

So there you have a glimpse into my writing rituals. 🙂

As per the rules on these things, I’m supposed to tag more peeps, but I’ve long declared this as the place where blog tags go to die. So I will not be tagging anyone, except for YOU if you feel the need to do it! Just link back to this post so I can go stalk your routine and maybe learn something useful for my own life. 🙂

16 thoughts on “My Utterly Fascinating Writing Rituals

  1. I was curious about Heart of Courage so I listened to it. Great song! The comments are hilarious! Someone said, “I was listening to this music… I think I accidentally conquered several small nations single-handedly. Someone help?” Haha omg. Seriously though. I could go out and slay some monsters or something with this in the background.

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  2. yeah. I want to listen to Heart of Courage, now!
    And your rituals sound a lot like mine (so we’re both equally awesomely interesting), except I write in the morning and am usually running late the rest of the day because of it.
    And snacky foods-must have when I have writer’s block. But when in the groove, the flow of words keeps me satisfied. 🙂

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  3. Love this!! (And thanks for the shout-out!) 😊 I hear you on the plot-bunnies-from-movies thing, that’s always a problem for me. I also like trying pen and paper, though I don’t think I could face writing an entire draft with them, LOL. Something about putting pen to paper helps to get my brain unstuck sometimes when I’m sick of staring at a screen.

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  4. I used to write in a notebook too, but yeah, all that typing up pages after pages after pages made me do the switch. 😛

    Music is great for getting ideas swirling for me, too! Two Steps from Hell music is epic.

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