Blood of the Seer as Gifs

Hello! It's the one week birthday of Blood of the Seer! So I thought I'd celebrate by giving you a very thorough synopsis of the book. As Gifs. Most specifically, Supernatural gifs, because as I've posted before Rhys/the Baron and Sean MacDuffy have some similarities (completely unintentional I promise!!) to Dean and Sam Winchester, and … Continue reading Blood of the Seer as Gifs

My Utterly Fascinating Writing Rituals

Howdy! Some time ago the awesome Kyle Robert Shultz tagged me in the Writing Rituals tag. And since I've been terrible uninspired of late, I figured I'd finally get around to doing this one and maybe make myself interested in the writing process/my troublesome WIPs again. So here goes. And fair warning, I'm probably the … Continue reading My Utterly Fascinating Writing Rituals