There’s a Neon Liiight-

“-At the end of the tunnel!” – Blake Shelton

It’s come time for the end of the semester complaining/light at the end of the tunnel speech. Good news for all you fellow students, the semester is almost done. This is the part of the year where you convince yourself of professors’ unrealistically high expectations and that less than stellar grades are really OK. You are running high on caffeine and low on sleep. And you have so much to get done that spending Saturday afternoon catching up on Supernatural seems like the logical option. And guess what?

dean approves

I turned in a paper this morning and finished a group project this afternoon. Now all that’s left is to study for my last practical and the six finals that immediately follow. But what’s more likely to happen on this Sunday night? I spend some time staring at ceiling cracks (because who wants to study Pharmacology?) or finding books on Goodreads. Or watching some Leverage because I’m almost done with the 3rd season. I’ve started my to-read pile for the two weeks I have off before the summer session starts. My goldfish cracker intake is about to spike again. So is my Coke Zero consumption. But that’s OK because I’ve got a rockin’ koozie to keep the cans in.

As you can tell, I’m clearly stalling by writing this. Basically the story of my blogging life. I’m even taking a break from my usual study/writing/everything playlist that basically consists of soundtrack to listen to a lesser used playlist of Imagine Dragons and Kelly Clarkson. But a bright side is that I ate some sort of delicious coconut-pecan shortcake with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert tonight; a benefit of living at home and going to school.

Anyway, good luck to everyone about to embark on finals. If you’re thinking about seriously studying tonight have fun with your overachieverness and making the rest of us feel bad. Now I’ve switched to showtunes and Les Mis is playing. Not quite a good sign. Maybe it will remind me of the dream I dreamed in time gone by. Of being a PT and helping people. I thought that wish would never die, I dreamed that school would be sorta fun. But I was young and unafraid, Of papers, and tests, and practicals. (So you get the point, but I had to include a bit of a parody. :D) OK. I’ll stop wasting your time and……..go study……….



3 thoughts on “There’s a Neon Liiight-

  1. Yes, Claire! You do that. Good Luck! I’ve finished all but one of my finals because I’m “just that good”! I understand– really, who wants to study? Let’s just go play, right? You’re really making me dread Pharmacology. Well, I bet you’ll make A+’s on all your tests and Hope you have a fun break before you have to start on summer school.


  2. Dean approves! 😀
    Yes, that light is there. It exists at the end of the tunnel! You can make it, Claire–I know you can! I believe in you!!
    Okay, that’s your pep talk for the week. 😉

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