Vacation, Jobs, & Fairy Tales

Howdy! All three things happened in the last week and a half, believe it or not. I went on vacation for the first time in probably 4-5 years. Isn't that terrible? My family had planned a two week trip out to Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee and I decided kind of last minute that I'd … Continue reading Vacation, Jobs, & Fairy Tales

Hidden Gems Link Up – Regina Doman

Howdy! A few weeks ago, I linked up with Shantelle Hannu's awesome Hidden Gems blog series. Obviously I'm doing the same today and it's an author I'm super excited about. Why? Well, I devoured Regina Doman's books as a kid in junior high and highschool. Not only are they amazing fairy tale re-tellings, they're also … Continue reading Hidden Gems Link Up – Regina Doman