Dragons, Airships, & Death Unicorns

Howdy! Today I'm so excited to bring you an author interview from Janeen Ippolito! I discovered her Ironfire Legacies books last year around when book 1 came out and I very quickly fell in love with this steampunk world full of dragon shifters, airship captains (more on this later), and political intrigue (I even learned … Continue reading Dragons, Airships, & Death Unicorns

First Lines…Ish.

Howdy! I'm stealing the idea for this post from Jenelle Schmidt because it's an awesome idea and her first lines were great. First lines are terrifying and exhilarating to write at the same time. There's all the pressure to make sure to hook your reader and trying to set the right tone from the get-go. … Continue reading First Lines…Ish.