The Liebster Award – Round 3

Howdy! I've been tagged for the Liebster Award before, but Kellyn of Reveries tagged me the other day forever ago (in June). Even though I've done it before, there's a few new fun questions and random facts to share so here we go! Ok, so I answer the questions, list 11 random facts, and we all … Continue reading The Liebster Award – Round 3

Liebster Award and the 7/7/7 Challenge

Howdy! Welcome to Part 2 of Claire is finally doing tags. Today you'll get a sneak peek of my Camp NaNo project! But first... The Liebster Award - Nominated by Phoenix Grey 1. If you are a writer, what is the first story you wrote? Are you proud or ashamed of it? If I recall … Continue reading Liebster Award and the 7/7/7 Challenge