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I’ve introduced myself a little. I’ve pointed out I’m a writer. One of my biggest challenges is talking about my writing. It is my hobby and no one outside of a few of my sisters knew about it for years. And that’s the way it would have continued to be had I not submitted a manuscript to Tate Publishing on a whim and by crazy circumstance got accepted. So, I’m going to introduce a few of my projects here. Baby steps, right?

The Rise of Aredor– My first (fingers crossed there will be more) published work. It follows the life of young Prince Corin of Aredor through his kidnapping and new life in Calorin. There he becomes a slave and then a soldier, all the while hoping to one day return home. He eventually gets his chance but returns to a home invaded by the Calorin armies. He turns outlaw and uses his knowledge of the Calorins to help build an army and fight against their oppressive regime. I can’t tell you how it ends, but I will say that it’s set up for a sequel.

The Wildcat of Braeton– sequel to The Rise of Aredor. This book chronicles the adventures of Aiden, a friend Corin met in his time in Calorin. Aiden comes from Braeton. He ran away from home in a fit of youthful rebelliousness and spent almost nine years exploring the world. He makes his own journey home in time to help his Clan out of some trouble. Meanwhile Corin faces war in Aredor again as the Calorins return. This book was a lot of fun to write as I was able to explore my characters from RoA, develop them into stronger characters, as well as introduce some fun new people.

The Sword of Kirraine-A princess joins forces with a prince and his servant to overthrow a dark lord who seeks to conquer her people. They must seek out an ancient sword of prophecy, left in Kirraine to help defeat the timeless enemy. I’ve set up this story as a series, each focusing on a different hero who must seek the sword to defend Kirraine. This is obviously the first installment and I’ve got pages and pages of notes for more stories. I’m excited for this story. For those of you who like Christian stories, this has got a lot of those elements in it.

Worldjumpers- This is the working title in my first foray into the realm of science fiction. My sister came to me with the plot and demanded I write it after we sat down and brainstormed for hours. This story follows young David Standish, an ordinary boy from Texas. He thinks he has a normal summer vacation ahead of him until Captain Zoey Blackheart appears out of the blue in her flying ship (literally ship. Think man-o’-war with a zeppplin attached). She has the ability to “jump” between worlds through “portals” in the sky. Of course they have many adventures, she has a crazy crew, and there’s a bounty for her head. This one’s still a work in progress. I hesitantly say I’m half way through. This one has been fun. It’s taken me out of my comfort zone of medieval fantasy and into the modern world. I cheat a little on the worldbuilding side of things here. David keeps a journal and I use it to peek at the different worlds he’s been to. No judging.

I’ve also got numerous short stories based in the Aredor universe, as well as another completely unrelated story that I began work on a few weeks ago. I might share that one of these days. I really need to learn how to prioritize my projects. If you found any of these synopsis interesting or would like to know more, feel free to comment away and/or share with friends who might also be interested.

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