Joining the Realm

Howdy! You’d think as a 21 year old, I’d already have a blog, but I usually resist all things that cause to people to overshare their personal lives. Yes, I have a Facebook, but that was it until recently.

A bit about myself- I’m a senior at the great Texas A&M University. I’m studying Kinesiology and will be continuing my education at the Texas Tech Health Science Center studying Physical Therapy. I’m also a published author. That’s the main reason I’ve joined the bloggersphere (in my mind that’s a thing. Don’t hate.) My book, The Rise of Aredor, is a teen fantasy novel, great for kids 12+. I know the wheels are turning at this point-she’s a Kines major and writes fantasy?? Not the first time I’ve heard that, believe me.

Writing has been my hobby for several years now and I’ve been blessed enough to see my first book sent out into the world as printed ink and paper. The idea behind this blog is to further inflict my voice onto the world and, should you be a fan of my book, give you an idea as to the girl behind the curtain who some days has absolutely no idea what she’s doing (and who probably won’t post as often as she should). I also have a Twitter and a website, so what’s one more thing to monitor and update? Peace for now. 🙂


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