Excerpt- The Wildcat of Braeton


Apparently my sister wants me to update my blog but this might not be exactly what she wants. And since I did promise my Facebook followers that I’d be posting an excerpt soon with cover design well under way and the edits done! So, without further ado, here is an excerpt from The Wildcat of Braeton!


The valley seemed peaceful enough until Aiden realized just how quiet it was. He walked down the road leading Narak. He saw some of the fields were overgrown and the few people working there looked up in fear as he passed. The gates to the fortress stood open and he entered. The vast compound was quiet and empty of ordinary daily activity. As in the fields, only a few Clanspeople moved about, gazing at him mistrustfully. Aiden realized how he must have looked dressed in southern clothes, carrying strange weapons and leading a fine Calorin stallion.

Several dark figures who lounged on the stairs of the fortress arose and walked toward him. The obvious leader of the group swaggered forward. He was dressed in foreign clothes but wore the blue plaid cloak of Clan Canich. He had long, blonde hair pulled back in braids and carried a battle-axe which suggested he was from Durna.

“Who are you?” the man demanded rudely in a clipped accent.

“You’re no Braeton and yet you wear the plaid, so maybe I should be asking the questions,” Aiden returned.

“Save your insolence or you’ll answer for it when you come before Adalwulf!” the man said.

“Och, it’s not Adalwulf I want tae see,” Aiden said in irritation, finally relapsing into his thick brogue. “I’m looking for Ranulf.”

“All strangers must be announced before Adalwulf. He will decide if you may stay,” the man said arrogantly.

“Last I heard, it was Laird Gòrdan who ruled here and not this Adalwulf!” Aiden said, becoming angry. “Now get out of my way!”

The Durnian was shocked that Aiden dared to stand up to him. He moved to grab Aiden and bring him inside but Aiden took hold of the man’s arm, twisting it behind his back and forcing the man to his knees. Another Durnian moved to help his leader but froze as the point of Aiden’s sword hovered at his throat.

“I’ve no intention of being bullied about. I’ll come and go as I please and if you try and stop me again, it’s your arm you’ll be losing,” Aiden said, his voice dangerously low as he spoke to the captain. “Now, where is Ranulf?” he asked.

When the man did not answer, Aiden twisted his arm harder. “Inside!” the man groaned. Aiden glanced up to see a young man staring open-mouthed at the proceedings.

“You there! Get over here!” Aiden called. The young warrior came over. “What’s your name?” Aiden asked.

“Alec, sir,” the man replied.

“Take my horse tae the stables and see he is well cared for. If he’s not, I’ll take it out on you personally,” Aiden said. Alec nodded and led Narak away. Aiden gave the Durnian’s arm one last twist and released him. “The same goes for you two as well,” he threatened the other soldiers. Sheathing his sword, he stepped through them and up the stairs of the fortress.

“Impressive, but you just made a powerful enemy out of Torsten,” said a tall, lean man standing by the huge oaken doors.

“It’s a talent I have of offending all the right people,” Aiden replied. “That great windbag will think twice before next time.”

The man laughed. “Still as cocky as ever, eh, Aiden?” he said. Aiden saw part of the wildcat tattoo under the man’s rolled up sleeve and he smiled.

“Afraid so, Davy.” He used the brothers’ inexplicable childhood nickname for Ranulf. Bounding up the remaining stairs, he wrapped his brother in a rough embrace, returned affectionately by Ranulf.

“So you finally decided tae come home then?” Ranulf asked.

“Aye, I promised I would,” Aiden replied. “Just like I promised you I’d find you first.”

Ranulf stood back and crossed his arms. “I can’nae tell you how good it is tae see you again!” Ranulf said. “Where have you been?”

“Everywhere,” Aiden said. “I’ve been tae the South, Gelion, and spent time in Aredor. But that’s not important. Ranulf, what happened here?” he asked.

“I think it’s best if I tell you in private,” Ranulf said. “Let me find Tamhas first.”

A fire blazed on the hearth in the middle of the great hall. Benches were shoved against the walls out of the way. Sunlight shone through the few windows, illuminating the hall and casting shadows among the heavy ceiling beams. Despite the fire and the warm afternoon, the hall was cold and empty. At one end of the hall on a raised dais stood an empty, ornate wooden chair draped with a wildcat skin. Aiden stared at it for a moment, half expecting to see his father sitting there and glaring angrily at him.

“Here he is now!” Ranulf said. “Tam!” he shouted at a figure crossing the other end of the hall. Tamhas acknowledged Ranulf’s hail and came over to them. Aiden studied his younger brother curiously. A young man of twenty-three now, he had the same green eyes as the rest of the brothers. Tousled black hair framed an open face with a puckish grin. He was slim and muscular and carried himself with an easy grace.

“What’s happening? Torsten stormed through here looking for Adalwulf,” Tam asked Ranulf.

“Our new arrival managed tae upset him a little,” Ranulf replied. “You’ll now have tae deal directly with Adalwulf. He’s not easy tae bargain with,” Ranulf told Aiden.

“I’m not worried, Davy. I’ve always preferred being announced,” Aiden said.

“That’s grand, but Torsten won’t rest until he’s killed you,” Tam told Aiden.

“Don’t fret, Tam! I’ve faced worse than that scoundrel,” Aiden said cheerfully. Tam looked startled.

“Do I know you?” he asked.

“Och, it’s a sad day when you can’nae recognize your own brother!” Aiden said.

“Unbelievable! Aiden, you’re back!” Tam exclaimed, stepping into an embrace. Ranulf forestalled the flood of questions Tam was about to unleash by saying,

“Let’s go tae our old meeting place and we’ll tell you everything.”

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