The Wildcat of Braeton Blog Tour!


I’m so very excited to announce the beginning of my first ever promotional blog tour for my newest book The Wildcat of Braeton! I’ve got some awesome people on board and they’ve got a few great posts lined up.

Starting us off today are

Morgan Huneke- Shire Reviews – Book Review

Faith Blum- Writings, Ramblings, and Reflections – Character Spotlight – Aiden


Ahhhh! I’m so excited! 🙂 You can check out the rest of the schedule here!


I’ve got a giveaway up and running. You can enter to win a signed copy of The Wildcat of Braeton and an accompanying set of illustrations from the series!

Enter Here!  


Release Date Info-

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the release date has been moved to (most likely) May. However, if you feel that you cannot live without this book, you can buy it hereWarning– it costs about a hundred-million dollars (or I’m a poor college student and anything over $20 is expensive), so I would wait until its official release date and you can shop more cheaply! Stay tuned on my Facebook page or blog for more info on the release date!


7 thoughts on “The Wildcat of Braeton Blog Tour!

  1. Dang, looks like I got here a year too late! 😉 Just recently read The Rise of Aredor, now can’t afford the book. If only I had known about it a year ago!

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