Meet the Characters!

Day 3 of the promotional blog tour for The Wildcat of Braeton! I’m going to be talking about a few of the characters from the series today and their varying degrees of awesomeness. But first, make sure you stop by Michael Gunter’s Tales of Today and of Yesterday where he has interviewed me!

Okey Dokey, here we go!


The third son of  Laird Gordon of Clan Canich, Aiden has always had a bit of a temper. Because of this, he and his father clashed almost constantly and caused Aiden to run away at 16. Aiden has seen most of the world of Cimbria and usually makes friends everywhere he goes. The enemies he does make usually don’t give him much trouble thanks to his extensive training with Lord Rishdah’s Phoenix Guard in Calorin. He stands somewhat shorter than the average man, causing him to be underestimated by many opponents much to their eventual chagrin. He has wavy dark hair, green eyes that constantly promise mischief and mayhem, and a generally cheerful outlook on life. As part of Clan Canich, Aiden has a four pointed star tattoo on his left forearm with a C in the center for Canich. He is also a Laird’s son which means he has a wildcat tattoo taking up almost his entire upper left arm. He fights with two identical short swords and carries up to four knives on a good day.


Corin is the second son of King Celyn and Queen Elain of Aredor. He was kidnapped at age 12 in an unfortunate incidence of wrong place wrong time. He was taken to Calorin and sold as a slave. When he was 20, Lord Rishdah bought him and had him trained for the Phoenix Guard where he met Aiden. When he returned to Aredor, he returned to a country that had been invaded by the Calorins. He then adopted the persona of the Hawk. Once the war was over he was unofficially promoted to General of the warbands by his father and older brother, much to his dismay. He attempts to split his time between his family, the warbands, an office overflowing with paperwork, and preparing for another invasion by the Calorins. He takes after his father with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was trained with the Calorin scimitar and has little patience for the Aredorian lords who somehow think he’s loyal to the Calorins.


Kara is half Aredorian and half Braeton. She claims kinship with Clan Gunlon through her mother’s blood. After her mother died, she and her twin brother Kieran were brought up in the Clan by her father. They would travel back to Aredor to visit his family. She stayed behind in Braeton one summer while her brother and father went ahead. That was the summer the Calorins invaded Aredor and her family never came back. When she was 17, she convinced an old warrior of Clan Gunlon to train her so she could go looking for her family. She eventually found Kieran and they became the legendary errand riders of the Hawk Flight. After the war ended, she and her brother stayed in Aredor where they continue to serve Corin and his warband. Kara has honey blonde hair and blue-green eyes. She uses a rapier but usually hangs back from the fighting by Corin’s order which is just fine with her. She has learned some of the basics of healing and is one of the best riders in Aredor, second only to her brother. She has a six pointed star tattoo on her left forearm with a G inscribed in the center to mark her ties to Clan Gunlon.


William is the second son of Laird Gordon of Clan Canich and Aiden’s closest brother. His family and friends call him Will. He shares some of the same temperament as his father but learned early on how to temper it with common sense, something his little brother failed to do until years later. He was greatly saddened when Aiden ran away without him, but he stayed with the Clan and hoped his brother would come back one day. When a foreigner infiltrated the Clan and began to orchestrate its destruction, Will stood up against him. This caused him to be banished from the Clan. He then decided to go find Aiden, knowing that his brother would be able to get rid of the invader. He travelled through all of Braeton, and into the western country of Cyndor.When he heard about the mysterious Hawk who had come from Calorin, he journeyed to Aredor to see if Corin had any news of his brother. Since he is unable to journey back home to the Clan he now serves with the Hawk Flight. Will has the same dark hair and green eyes as the rest of his family. As a member of Clan Canich and a Laird’s son he bears the same tattoos as Aiden. He fights with a claymore or fists if he has to.


The daughter of King Celyn’s most trusted General and the sister of the Blademaster of Aredor, Mera hates war and its aftereffects. She is one of the castle healers and has made a name for herself throughout Aredor for her skill. She and her brother Martin grew up with the royal family and she remains close with Princess Amaura. She is gentle, kind, and well loved, especially by the children who will often fake illness just so she will treat them. With an unfailing sense of humor she will usually dose them with a sugary concoction and send them on their way. Her father was killed during the Calorin invasion and she helped her brother escape to the forest. Even when faced with the brutalities of war, she has never turned away those who needs her help, be they foreigner or countryman. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Her brother has made sure that she knows how to defend herself and she is quite adept with a dagger.


Tristan is the son of Lord Cadwgan of Castle Martel, the great fortress on Aredor’s southern coast. He has one younger brother named Trey. Their mother died when they were teenagers and their father was executed by the Calorins in the invasion. The golden belt of the lord fell to Tristan and it was only through the sacrifice of a close friend that he escaped the same fate as his father. He was forced into service under the Calorins until he was rescued several years later by Corin and Trey, who he thought dead. Tristan became a lieutenant in Hawk Flight and fought fiercely against the Calorins, searching for the man who had cut down his father. When the war ended, he returned to the sea and began to rebuild the ruins of the coast. He and his brother Trey control the southern warbands and ride against the Raiders who plague Aredor’s shores. He proudly wears the golden belt again and vows that never again will his country fall to invaders while his Shark banner flies. He has dark hair and grey eyes. He bears a two handed broadsword but almost fights better with his dirk, a weapon common to the southern warbands.


I hope you enjoyed getting a peek at some of the characters in the series! If you would like to know about other characters, comment below and I could see about throwing together another post. 🙂


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