Character Stories | Liam – Part 1


I have made a spontaneous decision that will theoretically benefit both me and you. In all my spare time recently, I’ve come across some blog posts that encourage frequent posting, character spotlights, serial type posts, etc. You know the drill. I know I’ve promised you a sci-fi serial story come the end of May (it’s coming along splendidly by the way), but here’s something to tide you (and me) over until then.

I’ve written numerous short stories about the characters in the Aredor universe. I fondly refer to them as fanfiction. So, starting today and every Wednesday for the next few weeks I will be sharing some of Liam’s story. Because of this story, Liam has become one of my favorite characters. Is that weird? Not at all! In the Rise of Aredor series he’s a pretty solid behind the scenes kinda guy. He is the warband’s healer and one of Corin’s closest friends. He served as a Lieutenant at the forest castle of Lynwood Keep before the Calorin invasion. The invasion is where his story begins.

The battle was going badly. Liam ducked another arrow and fumbled for one of his own. His quiver was empty.

“Gavin! I’m out!” he yelled down the line.

“Sorry, Lieutenant! We don’t have many left!” Gavin shouted back. Liam cursed. More ladders bumped up against the wall. He risked a quick glance up at their tattered standard flying bravely on the walls. After three days of endless siege, Lynwood Keep was about to fall.

Liam threw down his bow and found his sword again. Just in time as a howling Calorin sprung over the walls at him. He wished this nightmare would end, that he could wake up and the invasion had never happened. Instead, they were fighting for their lives with no hope of any reinforcements. He worked his way down the wall towards the gates where another sound was added to the chaos; a battering ram had pounded ceaselessly since the day before.

“Lieutenant! What are you doing down here?” the old, grizzled captain of the Keep roared when he saw Liam.

“Any new orders, sir?” Liam yelled back over the tumult of battle. He saw the quick look of desperation in Captain Marcus’ eyes.

“Same as before! Fight like the devil to stay alive!” the captain shouted.

They tried, but the Calorins kept coming. In the end, the gates were breached and the Calorins flooded over the walls as the defenders moved to the courtyard. Liam marshaled as many men together as he could, trying to get to the west gate and out into the forest. If they could make it there, no Calorin could catch the men of Lynwood Keep in the woods. But they never did. Liam had a brief thought that even if they had reinforcements, they could never overcome the Calorins. They were too powerful. He saw another one of his men get cut down, and then there was searing pain and darkness.


Hope you enjoyed this first segment! It’s actually a pretty long short story so we won’t get through all of it, but you will get quite a few posts out of what I will share. 🙂

If you liked it, don’t forget to share it and spread the word! And remind me if Wednesday comes and goes without a post. I don’t know why I picked the middle of the week for this especially with finals and all hell breaking loose over the next four weeks, but I did so now I have to stick to it!

Also please remember that these characters, countries, and events all belong to me and have been copywrited in my name. If I find you have taken them in any shape, form, or fashion without my consent, I will go all Liam Neeson on you. Thanks and Gig ‘Em.

15 thoughts on “Character Stories | Liam – Part 1

  1. You’re cruel! What’s up with cutting it off right at the exciting part and making us wait a whole day to hear more?!!!!!!!!
    Good job,Claire, and good luck on the exams. I love seeing your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We…we won’t get through the whole short story…? *pouty face* Aw, I want the whole story, even if it’s long, and even if it takes many, many posts.

    Glad to hear the serial series is coming along! 🙂 What does “Gig ‘Em” mean?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re even meaner than I thought, you old Aggie! I thought it was just a day- then I realized; Its a whole week! Someday you are going to regret this. One of your characters is going to personally step out of the pages of one of your stories and punish you for torturing your loyal readers.
    How did your exams go? I’ve been doing finals this week and they’ve gone pretty well so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😀 I guess I should start being nicer to characters so that they will defend me from the angry hordes. haha!!

      Exams went pretty well! Now I’m just getting ready for finals! Good luck with your tests!


  4. Interesting. I think I like this short even better than I liked either of the books. Methinks we must know more of this ‘Liam’.

    (I’m tempted to steal part of this story, JUST to see you do your ‘Neeson’ impression…. :D)

    Liked by 1 person

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