Adela’s Curse – Blog Tour Recap


Last week, the blog tour went really smoothly, amazingly enough. It was only my second time to organize an event like this and the first time I had nowhere near the same number of people!

You can find the complete schedule HERE in case you missed a post or two.

Adela’s Curse got some great reviews, several that made me really giddy inside. It’s always nerve-wracking putting your work in other people’s hands. But then it’s such a relief when they actually like it!

All the interviews were really fun! I should post a picture with my giant water glass that’s with me (basically) all the time. It’s my version of the never-ending cups of tea or coffee. 🙂

Character spotlights – it was the first time I’d actually hunted down pictures for characters. Usually I don’t do that, but I had found the perfect picture for Adela when brainstorming the cover with my sister and I really wanted to use it. So that meant everyone else needed a picture too. It was actually really hard to figure out “casting” choices.

It was all a lot of work trying to put it together and stay on top of school. Again, people. Try not to publish things while slaving away through grad school. But it really was so much fun! If you had told me two years ago when I first started this blog and my first book was published, that I would have this many online connections and friends, I probably would not have believed you. I’ve been really blessed over the past two years and I’m looking forward to many awesome years to come.

A big THANK YOU to all the bloggers who helped with the tour, and to all you readers who checked it out and liked or commented on a post!

Giveaway Winners

 Adela’s Curse Paperback – Lily Emerson

 Adela’s Curse Ebook – Jenelle Leanne

 The Rise of Aredor Paperback – Rachael Steele

Thanks to everyone who entered! 😀

And now, you should go buy the book. 🙂


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