Flower of the Underworld – Tour

Howdy! I know I've been an inconsistent muffin with the blogging and I've been meaning to do a post to apologize, and guess who's been busy with all the writing and life things and still hasn't done it? BUT! I interrupt the chaos of trying to wrangle characters with edits and first drafts to bring … Continue reading Flower of the Underworld – Tour


Blessed Are The Voice-Bearers…

Howdy! I have returned from my new and improved super-sporadic posting schedule to bring you another author interview! (Let's all just be amazed at how well I say that I'm going to get back on schedule and then....don't...) But I actually have a post ready to go for next week as well and it involves … Continue reading Blessed Are The Voice-Bearers…

Exploring Calvyrn – Irresistible World Building Blog Hop

Howdy! Today as part of the fantabulous Janeen Ippolito's launch of her new writing bookĀ Irresistible World Building ,Ā I have been invited to share about one of my story worlds! I picked Calvyrn fromĀ The Wolf PrinceĀ  in honor of it going to the editor today and being published later this year. šŸ™‚ For those of you … Continue reading Exploring Calvyrn – Irresistible World Building Blog Hop